Sunday, June 7, 2009

A weekend without the internet!

Just got back from a weekend at the beach with Peacock and our honey's - I was devastated to discover there was no internet available at our shore house. That means I owe you two posts tomorrow.

When I arrived home in Philly to the blessed DSL, I was delighted to discover that I had won the Bloodmilk giveaway!

The dark and fabulously creative lady that make killer jewelery assigned each commenter a tarot card and then drew mine from the deck, the Ten of Pentacles reversed:

Ten of Pentacles (R) - Acknowledge when you are experiencing one problem after another, when nothing seems to run smoothly - when you feel lost and do not know what to do. When you become bored - you lean towards doing nothing and you can easily be persuaded to go in the wrong direction. If this sense of boredom increases - it can lead to taking financial or emotional risks - recognize that this urge to gamble everything, stands in direct opposition to your basic qualities of caution, skill and foresight. Sometimes a risk is justified, depending on the projected results - but, if the risk comes from impatience, then troubles can arise from recklessness or doing things at the wrong moment. You become so trapped by the need for material comfort that you become security conscious and the advancement mentality necessary for continuous growth.

Become self-motivated - be objective and take command of this situation. Utilize your gifts of communication, healing and inspiration and align with your "inner" Self. Organize things in your life - begin to communicate your "inner" desires and the results will be healing, inspirational and enriching.

Normally I don't believe in tarot, but this reading is sort of right on and offers me some great advice that I could have used before I began the weekend. Damn the lack of internet!

A big thank you to my new friend over at Bloodmilk!

My weekend was spectacular - good friends, good food, and a nice solid sunburn to remember it all by. What did you do this weekend?

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