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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Super Amazing Inspiration Boards from Peacock Feathers

So my amazing maid-of-honor, Ms. Peacock Feathers, made these super cool inspiration boards for me to share with my wedding party and friends to help them visualize the overall look of the wedding. Tomorrow we go shopping for wedding dresses!

Overall Wedding Inspiration Board

Bridesmaid Board

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wedding Inspiration

I thought wedding planning would be fun - but it is no fun facing the harsh realities of a budget, greedy vendors and sold out hotels. When you are planning a wedding in a two month window, you are bound to face obstacles. A few things pick me up when I am feeling overwhelmed.

1. My sweet angel Gabriel. He planned the rehearsal dinner, negotiated our reception deal, called every hotel in Old City to book the best deal for our guests, and registered us at Macy's and Anthropologie. He has been hands-on in every detail and he rubs my back every night to calm my nerves. I'm a lucky lady.

2. Peacock Feathers! My maid-of-honor, and best friend, she sends me caring emails, gives me her valuable opinion on everything from colors to flatware, researches ceremony sites and reception halls, assures me daily that getting married is fun and even deals with the people at Party Rentals on my behalf. She is everything a girl could want in a maid-of-honor and I only hope I can be as good to her when I get a chance to be her maid-of-honor next June!

3. Photos. If I need a little inspiration, I search through the archives at Style me Pretty and Snippet & Ink. You may find me sitting on the floor at Barnes and Noble, curled around the latest bridal magazine. And below are some of the photos that have inspired me the most. Clearly I'm in the early planning stages of color and theme.





Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hello! I know it's been awhile. I must admit, I've been a bit distracted. You see, after three years together, my former boyfriend got down on one knee and made me his fiance.

Here are his top ten moments of engagement day:
  1. He invited me to Manhattan for the day and told me on the way up that we would be staying overnight.
  2. Took me to Anthropologie to buy me this dress for Sunday brunch.
  3. Acquiesced when I begged to stop off at the Kidrobot store on Prince street.
  4. Pointed to a display case with a pair of custom Munny's surrounding a small vinyl TV set that said, "Will you marry me?"
  5. Got down on one knee at the Kidrobot store and presented me with the diamond his father used to propose to his mother.
  6. Made me cry tears of joy as tourists snapped photos and the Kidrobot staff wrapped up the Munny's he had designed by an artist out of Vegas especially for the event.
  7. Took me to my favorite little arepa bar in the East Village.
  8. Surprised me by secretly inviting my Aunt and Uncle to join us and toast to our engagement.
  9. Took me to see my sister at her place of work for a late night dessert in Times Square.
  10. Ended the evening telling me that I had opened up his world, that I was his sparkle and that he loved me so much that he never wanted to let me go.

Our wedding will be a celebration of the city where we met, fell in love, and will live as newlyweds. We will be married September 26th in Old City, Philadelphia. Let the planning frenzy begin!!

See a photo essay of our engagement events here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Me and Meeko

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cardboard Tube Fighting Tournament

A story best told in photos and video...

Guy on Girl:

Wallflower in Battle:

Jersey Pizza Guy Gets Clobbered:

Battle to The Death:

Winner of the Naked Division, our own Sweet Caroline:


Winner Supreme:


The taxi home:


Overall Result:

Fun had by all.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pretty Picture Walls






Friday, July 10, 2009

Trailer Trash Living



Dueling Choices for Saturday, July 11th


My geeky boy toy plans to hobble on his one leg down to the Cardboard Tube Fighting League this Saturday at 1:00 PM. You can join him and other like-minded geeks at the park across the street from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Cardboard Tube Fighting League Tournament Philadelphia
Where: Open grassy area across the street of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, (the Rocky Steps)
When: Saturday, July 11th, 2009 1pm
Entry Fee: Free, tubes provided.
What to bring: Water, cardboard armor, costumes are highly encouraged. Prizes awarded for best cardboard costume and tournament winners. Tubes will be supplied.
What to expect: Welts and possibly bruises. It is highly recommended that only children above the age of 5 participate.

You can find me and my friends at the much more elegant Bastille Day Festival at the Eastern State Penitentiary. Dozens of French revolutionaries, armed with muskets and cannon, and singing "La Marseilles," will storm the grim walls of "the Bastille" (Eastern State Penitentiary) and drag Marie Antoinette to a real, functioning guillotine, built for the occasion. Soooo much more civilized.


The block party in front of the prison commences at 5:30 and lasts into the night. After the storming, the party spills into the charming neighborhood of Fairmount, as restaurants and bars host wonderful French dinner specials and alfresco celebrations.

Which event will you be attending?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stylish Storage Ideas

Since my honey moved back into the apartment, space is at a premium. My pretty party dresses, work suits, flowery blouses, winter coats and fall sweaters fill five Ikea wardrobes even after two major donation dumps at the Salvation Army. Let's not even talk about the shoe collection. Now he wants to hang up a few dress shirts and I just simply don't have the space. How do I let him carve out his own space while still maintaining a clutter free home? A few ideas:



Check out this gorgeous built in cabinetry. If we owned, I would make every wall into built in closets and cabinets.


Here is another version of the "wall of closet". The mirrors make it bright and spacious, a great idea for a small apartment. Now what about those shoes?



I love the acrylic. If I can't see my shoes, I forget my options.


This is the perfect place to store cosmetics and jewelry. I don't like to have anything out on the counter tops if I can help it.


Vintage file folders like this are easy to find at thrift stores in Philly like Uhuru. And it will be a wonderful place to hide all his little piles of change, receipts and mismatched bike lock keys for bikes stolen long ago.

My apartment needs are expanding, and I need to get crafty to make it all work. Let me know if you have any good ideas to share for making a one bedroom into a two bedroom.

(Images Source, Living Etc.)


Summer Solstice event at the Kimmel Center was completely wonderful. I had gotten a 50% of flyer and was able to attend the event for only $5. It was a bargain and definitely worth the trip.

I got there around 8:30 and joined a throng dancing to PhillyBloco, a local Brazilian band. The band is in yellow in the photo to the left. For an encore they left the stage and joined the audience filling Verizon Hall with the hypnotic sounds of drums.

Right after PhillyBloco, I went for the Bollywood dance lesson. That was truly exhausting and aerobic because the dance moves incorporate vigorous arm and leg movements, synchronized and strong. I flailed for an hour, arms akimbo and sweating profusely. Very fun, but my legs are still sore from last night.

It was great dancing in areas where food and beverages were prohibited. No spilled drinks on the floor or in my hair. A nice break from my usual weekend dance experience.

After Bollywood dancing I check out Karen Gross' Caberet show and saw some of a drag show out in a main area. That drew a lot of attention and the performers were quite fabulous and bigger than life. I ran into Pop Culture Casualty who was there with her sisters and some friends.

A great night. Who else went and did you have fun?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anthropologie is Selling Wallpaper

I remember when my parents moved into our old house on Edgewater Drive and every room was wallpapered in a different pink and green pattern. The first thing my mother did was chisel every last piece of paper off the wall, re-stucco and paint. She complained about the process for years to follow and shook her head at even the mention of wallpaper. Well Mom, it's coming back. In a big way.




(Source, House Beautiful)

And it looks like my favorite store in the world is offering their own selection of pretty papers. Wonder if I'll cave to the newest decor trend and ignore the sound of my mother's voice reverberating between my ears.

1. Photobucket 2. Photobucket 3. Photobucket

1. Flora & Fauna Wallpaper, $148.00

2. Vanuata Wallpaper, $198.00

3. Are You Being Served Wallpaper, $108.00

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bright, White, and Open Spaces




There is something about a sticky, hot, Philadelphia summer that makes me ache for the cool, calm and crisp of a white kitchen.

(Photo Source: Living Etc.)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

4 Creative Wedding Ideas

1. Original wedding favors. Last year at the super amazing awesome North Star Art Bazaar, I spotted these spray painted wishbones and fell in love with their story. How romantic would it be to leave a wedding with your own bag of wishes? At $12 a bag, this favor is not cheap. I suggest buying the wishbones in bulk, spraypainting them, and stamping your own bags as a fun DIY project with your bridesmaids.

2. More creative wedding favors. This little goldfish - captured in a bar of glycerine soap - offers another unique wedding favor. At $2 a bag, it's inexpensive and clever. Add a little hand printed label with the name of the bride and groom and you have a fantabulous give-away. Right?


3. Handmade place cards. Aren't these adorable place cards from Paper Satchel?


Wait, there is more. See how they are displayed below?Imagine your guests finding their names on this typewriter and flipping over their custom card to find their table number.


4. Colorful themes pins. Instead of corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom, how about identifying your VIP's with these colorful sea horse pins from My Santo?


Or blue whales? At $25 they cost the same as a corsage, but last forever.


Wedding season is upon us and I have my eyes out for creative ideas. Have you seen anything worthy of reporting?

Day 20 - Blogger Challenge


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Current Craving - A Marimekko Slip Cover for my Ikea Chair

A recent trip UHURU concluded with a Tullsta chair for my living room. Like how I say that as if you automatically know what I'm talking about? As if you also have the entire IKEA catalog memorized? While I quickly covered it in a sparkling new $30 white slip cover from IKEA, what I really want is this Marimekko Fandango pattern slipcover from Bemz for a mere $195.

Please Santa, if I'm really good this year, can you bring me one of these??




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