Saturday, June 13, 2009

June is SO GAY!

Yeah, he said it. Obama declared that June is so gay. Here's Qweerty's reprint of the Obama proclamation

And this weekend is extra queer in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Trans Health Conference is going on this weekend which will attract 1,000 transpeople and allies to the Convention Center.

Of course, there's PRIDE this Sunday June 14th.

I wish I knew how to be gay up my look for the month. Real Jock forums seem to help.

For me, my big, fat, Greek, gay moment came for the Dyke march. On Saturday, June 13th at 3 pm about 50 people assembled at Kahn park to prepare for a fierce March around East Center City. One of the awesome parts of the event was the swag.

I got a free 2009 Drag Kings calendar. Free water ice from the Radical Faeries.

And I bought an awesome t-shirt. Which I'm wearing in the photo.

(Since this is my first photo I've put up on the blog, I ask you readers to overlook the frizz puff atop my head. It's been humid and drizzly all day and no flatiron can solve the mess the weather has been lately. Also, unless you plan to come over and do some cleaning, no comments about the messiness of my apartment.

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