Monday, June 1, 2009

Arthur Kade for a Good Cause

I've decided to piggyback on Arthur Kade's fame and push my own agenda. I sent him the following email today (Monday). I am awaiting his response...

Dear Arthur,

A few weeks ago you followed me on Twitter and that is how I learned about you. I have followed your story with great interest and am interested in following your quest for fame and celebrity. I have dreamed of being famous and am curious to see how your work pans out.

In your quest to outshine the greatest of celebrities, I realized there is something missing in your PR and self-promotion. And that is having a cause. A reason to get up in the morning other than for your self aggrandizement. I work for an AIDS organization and many of the most famous have raised money for this cause including Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John, and countless others. So I challenge you to do some philanthropic work just as the world's greatest celebrities have. As you may recall after Princess Diana died, many recalled her humanitarian efforts dealing with ridding countries of mines that were maiming children.

So if you want a legacy, I suggest you get involved in some sort of cause. In these times of economic recession, political instability, and world misery, I'm sure you could find something to sink your teeth into.

While I want to be ironic with this email, I actually am quite serious. As you rise to the top, maybe you can bring some people with you.

I'd be happy to discuss this further with you. Feel free to email me or call me on the phone.

I'm just another Philadelphian.

Sincerely (really),

Caroline Leopold
Twitter: @caroline815

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