Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vendors Wanted for Crafty Balboa, this Sunday

CRAFTY BALBOA is coming this Sunday, August 2nd by the fountain at the intersection of Tasker and Passyunk Ave.

Vendors for the craft fair (with a modest $20 vendor fee) are being sought.. Artisans of all kinds welcomed- jewelers, printmakers, clothing designers, potters, glass artists, etc. If you are interested in becoming a vendor please email them at craftybalboa at gmail dot com

One vendor, known as catFlowers will be featuring her jewelry and hair accessories. She is a local Philly artist, who has the most awesome Tumblr blog.

The South Philly craft market is held in conjunction East Passyunk Business Improvement District's 4th Annual DooWop Car Show and Street Festival.

Both events run from 12pm to 5pm.

Nothing is better than the marriage of craft and retro cool doo wop if you ask me.

The DooWop is held on East Passyunk Avenue, between Dickinson and McKean Streets. There will be a classic car show and it will feature live music, an all-day DJ on the 1900 block and an appearance from WOGL. (Did you guys know WOGL now plays 80's music as part of its oldies format? Egad.)

Vendors for the DooWop are welcome, all car or vendor inquiries should e-mail pciambrello at comcast dot net or call 267-307-8662

Obvious note: Passyunk Avenue will be closed to traffic from McKean St. to Dickinson St.

Ten Tips on Finding Cool Things to Do

It's Monday morning and you roll in to work and people are chattering. About their weekends. And you realize, that you missed an interesting opening, party, performance, whatever. Or you log onto Facebook and scan the dozens of photos of people laughing, hugging, and mugging for the camera. And you think, I wish I was there. So then, how do you keep abreast of the interesting happenings in Philly? I have a few ideas that I use to keep you immersed in what's going on.

1) Says yes, often. The best way to get invited to things is to show up for things. And the best way to learn about cool stuff is word of mouth. If somebody tells you about something, just go. At the very least you get to build a relationship with the inviter, but more often you get to meet awesome new people and try things. Once you show up once, people will LOVE to invite you back. Really simple advice that works.

2) Ask people about their plans. Bloggers do this routinely. PhillyWeekly and the Citypaper are constantly asking for event listings. I'd never be able to write for One Fine Philly if I didn't hound people about their plans.

3) Crash the party. This tip works, but it gives me agita. I get nauseous when I show up something where I don't really know anybody. Three things happen when I do this: 1) I meet people or see someone I know, 2) I meet nobody, but have a good time being one of the crowd, or 3) I flop majorly and leave early with no harm done.

4) When nobody will go with you, go anyway. Let's face it. Everybody is busy. And many people are broke. If you have the courage to follow this tip, you will never, ever have a boring night in front of the computer or tv again. I have a whole slew of tricks for having fun and not looking out of place being alone at an event. But I'll save that for another blog post. Seriously, I do this. Often.

5) Network for a social life. I network for my social life mostly online (plus my coworker/friend knows the awesomest stuff in town). On Twitter and Facebook, I follow/friend about 200 people who are event planners, DJs, scenesters, artists, musicians, geeks, or generally people who have a good time. Probably in a given week, I get at least 50 invitations of interesting stuff to go to. I only wish I could go to everything. For example, there are several outdoor film showings in Philly this summer. And I haven't been able to make one yet. Bummer.

6) Follow the "experts" in your interest area. I'm not the person in the know. Definitely not, but I follow people who are. On my Facebook, I routinely check the invites of several people whose taste is similar to mine. These are people who have 1,000 friends and seem to go to the coolest parties. You can RSVP to an invite that you didn't receive personally- just click the link of their RSVP.

7) Don't neglect traditional event listings. What I love about the Citypaper and Philly Weekly is they highlight events off the beaten track. They have a knack for knowing what events are worth attending. I'm partial to Citypaper's DJ Nights, but that's because (as you all know by now) I am fanatical about dancing.

8) Share and promote other people's events. When you hear about something, spread the word. In kind, they will do it for you. Underneath event attendance is relationship building.

9) If you can't make an event, follow up on it anyway. I have to miss several events each week, but I'll read the reviews, look at the pics on phrequency.com, and ask people to tell me stories.

10) Ask One Fine Philly contributors to give you ideas. We share info to each other privately because not everything is worth publishing. Or we don't have time to post it up because we're too busy going to stuff. Post a comment asking about stuff-- we all get notifications via email and will get back to you quickly if we can.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jump on Wuffaoke Bandwagon (or Winnebago)

Don't ask me to explain, but a group of people have been traveling across the country in a mobile home and are promoting karaoke.

They are in Philadelphia today at the Piazza at Schmidt's from 5 - 9, National Mechanics 9 - whenever.

Tomorrow they will be at The Sailor Jerry Store (13th and Sansom) from 5 -7 pm.

One of the wuffaoke people is from Philly. So this gotta be great.

I'm going to the Piazza and maybe to National Mechanics to see it. I know it sounds strange and it is, but having read the tweets from on the participants it sounds like a good time. Bring a camera because there's a pug involved too.

For more info see Facebook invite.

I Hope You Dance

If you have not yet seen the JK Wedding Entrance Dance...

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder, You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger, May you never take one single breath for granted, God forbid love ever leave you empty handed, I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean, Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens, Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance, And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. I hope you dance....I hope you dance." -'I Hope You Dance', Lee Ann Womack

Friday, July 24, 2009

Crimes Against Shoe-manity; or a How To List

Philadelphia is no stranger to fashion. With Joan Shepp, Knit-Wit, and now Barney's Co-op lining Walnut Street, and Boyd's just around the corner, caché designers are readily available, and all the other shops follow along with everything from cheap punk to pricey prep. Heels, in particular, cross the fashion spectrum, and everyone from society mavens to tattooed moms sport dizzyingly high stilettos and platforms on occasion.

Too bad not everyone can walk in them. There is nothing more unattractive than a well-dressed woman who carries herself like a linebacker or a disaffected pre-teen; and somehow the higher the heel, the more obvious the offense. As I walked along Walnut Street this afternoon, I was a few paces behind a well-toned, beautifully coiffed, impeccably dressed woman in a pair of gorgeous YSL stiletto pumps. As she swaggered along, no doubt thinking she was all that, I figured that my 5-year-old could have easily run between her legs, such was the distance between her knees. Her toes pointed out at a diagonal, and overall she looked more like a muppet than a minx.

It has been remarked frequently that I can walk in heels. And I mean walk. And so I feel it my duty to share with you, lovely readers, some tips that can help you strut more like Heidi than like Kobe, regardless of the height of your heels.

  1. Align your spine. Knees, hips, shoulders, head, all should be on the same vertical plane. Unless you want to look like you're wearing a bustle, don't stick your butt out; leaning forward gives you that learning-how-to-roller-skate off-balance look. As you walk, keep your head over your hips and your hips over your feet. Shoulders back, abs in, etc.
  2. To the best of your ability, place your feet one in front of the other, as if you were walking on a straight line drawn in front of you. You don't have to be extreme about it; the point is to have your legs brush each other just a bit as you walk, rather than having a visible gap between your knees. A natural stride may well have you placing your feet straight forward from your hips, and since your hips are spaced out your feet would be too. However, walking in heels is not natural. Remember that, and think "tightrope."
  3. Point your toes forward, not out. Leave the turned-out hips in ballet class and keep those feet parallel.
  4. Imagine you're walking on your tiptoes. You'll lose your balance if you think you can put your weight down on your heels. Your weight will rest on your heels simply because of the height; don't do the standard heel-toe walk or you'll constantly be catching them on the pavement and tripping.
  5. Slow and steady doesn't mean you have to take baby steps. For more advanced walkers, lift your knees a bit more than seems normal to allow you to take a longer stride without leading too much with your heel. But don't do the runway pony walk, this isn't ANTM.
If my little tips help to rid the streets of Philadelphia of the scourge that is bad walking, I'll have served my purpose. And maybe it'll give some of you who've resigned yourselves to ballet flats the urge to try for an extra inch or two!

And for the boys: my friend and colleague Mike at Modus Wardrobing offers his glossary of mens' shoes. Check it out!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Split post: I got a job!!! and why Philly rocks in a recession

Well, friends, I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately, because I've been overwhelmed with nerves about The Perfect Job For Me, for which I interviewed and about which I was kept on tenterhooks for a week. Well, guess what: I got it!!!!

I am the new External Relations Director for Theatre Exile, my favorite theater company here in Philly, and I cannot wait to get started. In fact, I start tomorrow. The company is small but growing by leaps and bounds, and I want nothing more than to be with them five years from now when, mark my words, they OWN the Philadelphia theater scene!

This is huge for me, because it is quite literally the very first time I have had a job I really really really wanted, was excited about, could see myself doing for a career. Amazing.

Of course, the pay is what can be expected from a small non-profit arts organization, particularly now. So I'll be keeping that shoe store job, and trying to move to a cheaper apartment in South Philly.

And now for the economic musings portion of the post: Maybe I'm wrong, but Philadelphia seems to be weathering the storm. I know a bunch of still-unemployed people, but I also have seen several friends put their skills and talents to work for them in different industries from where they started. Construction continues apace, new shops open as others close, and bars and restaurants are still packed pretty regularly. Let's face it: as major cities go, Philadelphia is cheap. My 2-bedroom bi-level just off Fitler Square is under $1000 a month. A cab ride from one end of town to the other is about $10, maybe $15 tops. You can eat really well for $15, and catch some great entertainment for free to $50. On nice days the parks are packed with people enjoying live music, watching jugglers or acrobats, or reading a book. And how many of us don't own cars? No gas, no parking, no insurance ... no problem.

I'm telling you, during the recession as in times of plenty, Philadelphia is the place to be. So stay tuned here for our suggestions of cheap/free things to do, and please feel free to send us some of your own! And, oh yeah, wish me luck on my first day of my new career!

Dance Summer

I've been doing so much dancing lately, that I haven't had time to blog about dancing. As we hit the halfway point of the summer, I am feeling the itch to diversify my dancing options a bit. And this weekend is fantastic for hearing music and moving across the floor. This is only a small sampling of the options. There are other parties that look interesting in Atlantic City and NYC, but I am going to stay close to home this weekend.


Prive Lounge on corner 3rd and Market in Old City. (246 Market)

View Facebook invite here.

Official launch party for dance.philly. Fridays featuring an all-star DJ lineup of:

Joof Citty and
Moo B
with DJ Germ spinning in the back lounge

In addition to DJs there will be a live broadcast on internet radio station Philly-EDM.com. There will be filming of a dance.philly. promotional music video during the party, so either dress nice or hide from the cameras. (I will be hiding).

This event is a pretty big deal ever since Lounge 125 changed it's format away from house music. Prive now offers a new option to house heads in the city.

$5 Cover; Guest List gets NO COVER

Email JadenK99@gmail.com for guest list OR send a message to facebook group "dance.philly."

Kung Fu Necktie at 1248 N. Front Street in Fishtown.

No Cover, ever

View Facebook invite here.

DJ's Billy W & Ryan T spinning a mix of disco that sounds quite tasty, including European-based disco aka Italo disco.

For those of you who have not experienced Italo (which is disco music developed after the 1970's in Europe), it's a treat. Although Italo may be an acquired taste. Here's a sampling for you.

And here is a delightfully garish, glittering web site devoted to Italo disco.


X-mas in July 2009

Location: The Northeast Pole, 9227 Walker Street (NE Philly)

Second annual mid-summer outdoor celebration/bbq/show!

Tickets $12 - 15

View Facebook invite

This event I heard from a friend of mine in the Philly band British Lit. He wants all of you to know about it and come. This strikes me as the most interesting of the dance/music options for the weekend. And if you don't live in Northeast Philly, this may see like a haul, but really public transportation isn't that bad.

The tip for this party I got from the 51:51 blog. The 51:51 aka FiftyOne:FiftyOne site is an amazing dance party planner for me. Check it out- it has a nice layout and covers a broad range of dance music in Philadelphia.

Well, I'm going to stop now since my fingers are tired and after this weekend, I think all of me is going to be tired. But happy.

Hey, you guys!

I was never a crazy fanatic of The Goonies movie. In fact, besides half-watching it at a slumber party in elementary school, I don't think I saw it all the way through until I was in college. Then, I moved to Portland, Oregon where people referred to Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach as "the Goonies rock." I had to rewatch the movie to see it (the movie supposedly takes place in Astoria, a good 40 minute drive north of Cannon Beach), and I realized it was indeed a really good flick.

Anyway, I was excited to see they are playing the movie for free on the Schuylkill Banks tonight at 8:15 pm. I love outdoor movies. Especially when they're free. If it doesn't rain, you may see me there.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


When my sister or I would change our minds as kids or simply be wrong about something, we would always be quick to jump with the "Liar!" accusation. This displeased our mother greatly and she would often say, "She's not a liar. She's just mistaken."

So, yesterday when I promised that my next post would not be about West Philly, I was not lying. I was just mistaken.

Although I haven't yet been to The Gold Standard, I spied the empty space and "For Rent" sign at 4800 Baltimore Ave for months imagining my own coffee shop and writing center within the walls. Now, the people from the now closed Abbraccio Restaurant have opened a cafe/restaurant in the space and their Grand Opening is the weekend.

Notes from their newsletter:
Saturday at Noon, Adimu Kuumba, African percussion ** this is the best time for KIDS! Adimu really enjoys having kids help him play on his different drums and flutes, and we'll have free cookies and ice cream for kids of all ages.***

Saturday at 5pm, West Philadelphia Orchestra
Sunday at Noon, Loren Gildar, guitar-vocal
Sunday at 5pm, Chris Aschman, jazz trumpet

What Gives? Is it a Casual Café? or Fine Restaurant? YES!
Monday-Tuesday 7am-7pm | Wednesday-Friday 7am-9pm | Saturday-Sunday 8am-9pm
Restaurant, Dinner:
Wednesday-Sunday 5-9pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am-2pm

Did you Know?
The Café (Counter-Service) in the Front Room:
Every day our full-service kitchen prepares:
15 Different Sandwiches, 5 Different Egg/Tofu Dishes,10 Different Salads, A Daily Quiche, 2 Different Soups
Great Desserts, Cupcakes, Brownies, more! Ice Cream! Gelato!

The Restaurant (Waiter Service BYOB) seating in the back Red Room.
We prepare seasonally changing Dinner + Brunch menus; you can order anything on the Café menu also!
The Red Room is available for Private Parties Mon-Tues nights and weekdays.

I'm curious to check it out. Has anyone been there yet?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baked Love

Corporate fundraisers, wedding favors, opening nights, housewarmings, graduation parties? Think cookie!!!

I'm going to let the photos of Zoë Lukas's amazing cookies from Whipped Bakeshop, based here in our lovely city, speak for themselves ...

(via Whipped Bakeshop's flickr photostream, which you should definitely check out.)

A Michael Nutter cookie? Wow. Love him, hate him, you have to appreciate the artistry.

And, oh yeah, she also does cakes.

From the website:
"Zoë went on to earn a degree in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and her paintings have appeared in numerous shows. Zoë's love of art and baking combined when she moved to Philadelphia in 2003 and worked for three of the top bakeries in the city, all the while continuing to create her own treats for friends and family. In 2007, she decided to take the plunge and start Whipped Bakeshop. Zoë vows never to work in a cubicle again!"

Here's to cubicle-less-ness, Zoë.

Without the Rose-Colored Glasses

This week has motivated me to write about the things I will NOT miss about living in West Philly. Since my last post revealed how much I actually like West Philly, I'd be hard pressed to come up with a top ten. I will do a top five instead.

1. The trolleys. It's a love-hate relationship really. I love that I can catch the trolley right outside my doorstep. I like being able to get to work via public transportation and rarely use my car. Still, SEPTA sucks! I was late to work by 25 minutes on Thursday due to "a problem in the tunnel." When the trolleys finally did show up, they were backed up three within a span of one block. Earlier in the week I had to wait at City Hall for over 20 minutes just to get home during rush hour. Usually, the trolleys come every couple of minutes during that time. I hate the trolleys because they are so unpredictable and SEPTA does a poor job of communicating problems. While I'll still be taking SEPTA when we move, I will no longer be a daily trolley rider.

2. The mail. Now, this is probably not a regular West Philly thing, but it still caused me to yearn for my new South Philly abode this week. See, we have not gotten any mail since last Saturday. And of course, this is the week I've been expecting an important check in the mail. My husband says a trip to the Post Office feels like going to a third world country. There is always a line to the door with only one or two poor souls working. I filed a complaint Thursday after three days of no mail. When we followed-up today, we were told that the key to our buidling had worn out and the carrier couldn't get in. We gave them the information for our building management company, and the key situation will hopefully be resolved by tomorrow. I wonder how long this would have gone on before the Post Office did something about it. I think they were just waiting for someone to complain first.

3. The ice cream truck. I don't have anything against the ice cream truck itself. I still scream for ice cream. It's just the music and the all-the-time playing. There are downsides to living near a park.

4. Students. Now, I'm not your typical student hater. I work in academia. I enjoy being around students most days. However, in West Philly it seems Penn students bring with them high prices. Before we moved to our current West Philly apartment, we were priced out of our old one. The landlord raised our rent by $100 because he knew the students (and their parents) would be willing to pay it. In fact, the students who ended up with our old place offered even more than our landlord was asking.

5. I was walking my dog, thinking about my hateful post and all the things I dislike about West Philly. Trolley. Trolley. Mail. These things kept running through my head. Then, I got back to my apartment door and number five miraculously came to me: My upstairs neighbor who is learning to play the clarinet.

Next time, I promise my post will have nothing to do with West Philly.

Recession-friendly entertainment: PlayPenn 2009

I've never been to a play reading before. I've considered it. A bunch of actors and actresses sitting in chairs reading a play through increasingly broken in paper scripts. Last week, my friend Mike re-piqued my interest in play readings by talking about how fascinating going to play reading(s) in the East Village/NYC were.

And I remembered the power of the human voice - there is no substitute for telling stories with emotion (click on the link for my favorite Public Radio program). In fact, to show my geek pride, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be proved when a computer can convincingly read a play with emotion. E'nuff said - if you want to see a play in progress, go see a PlayPenn play next week (but RSVP to ensure a spot) - AI is a long ways off...

PlayPenn 2009 Conference schedule

Monday, July 20th
7:00 pm THE MORINI STRAD by Willy Holtzman

Tuesday July 21st
7:00 pm New Play Reading - TWO JEWS WALK INTO A WAR...by Seth Rozin

Thursday, July 23rd
8:00 pm - GHOST-WRITER by Michael Hollinger

Friday, July 24th
6:00 pm - Symposium: “Are We Talking To Anyone But Ourselves?”
Moderated by Michael Joyce with Alexandra Grant and Dan Rothenberg
8:00 pm - BLOOD AND GIFTS by J.T. Rogers

Saturday, July 25th
2:00 pm - Staged Reading of original works by PlayPenn's Writer/Interns
under the guidance and direction of Bruce Graham
4:00 pm - 410[GONE] by Francis Ya-Chu Cowhig
7:00 pm - APPETITE by Arden J. Kass

Sunday, July 26th
2:00 pm - THE SPECIFICITY OF PARADISE by John Orlock
5:00 pm - WE THREE by Mary Hamilton

All events are free and will take place at the Adrienne Theatre, 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia. Because of limited seating, reservations are recommended.

If you wish to attend PlayPenn Conference events, please call 215.568.1434.
Credit: Creative Commons photo by paulandrews

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Urban Renewal

Yesterday was a rough day. After a long day of selling shoes, walking around in fabulous but decreasingly comfy heels, I headed out to meet some friends and watch the all-star game. (At The Keep, in NoLibs -- a great little bar with a patio in back!) On the way, I found out that my son has been getting into still more trouble at school; that getting divorced amicably is a challenge no matter how you slice it; and that my martial arts training hasn't completely left me. As I walked down Chestnut Street, a guy walking towards me kept moving in my way. I'd move, he'd move. He was obviously doing it on purpose. So when I was right up close to him, he leaned in with his shoulder as if to knock me down or make me flinch, and I did a rising block with my forearm and shoved him outta my way. Kept walking. Didn't look back.

So on my way home, I was still in a growling mood. In my head, stressing about a job interview, thinking about parenting, and so forth. As I entered Rittenhouse Square on the corner of 18th and Walnut, I noticed some skateboarders sitting on the wall by the entrance. One of them called out to me: Hey! Check this out! I looked, expecting something unsavory ... and what I got was this.

With a goofy grin, the one guy lifted up his skinny-jean-clad leg, and put his ankle behind his head. The other guy, with an equally goofy grin, just nodded, as if to say, "That's right. That's what I'm talking about."

I, who had up until this point had a Don't Mess With Me glare on my face, burst out laughing. It felt so good ... and suddenly I noticed the stars were out. There were lovers kissing on a bench. Someone had plugged Christmas lights in and decorated one of the stone urns in the center of the square. Others had brought plastic chairs with them and were sitting in a group, eating and playing soft guitar music.

I love Philadelphia. And what I realized last night was that the city loves me back.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Me and Meeko

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cardboard Tube Fighting Tournament

A story best told in photos and video...

Guy on Girl:

Wallflower in Battle:

Jersey Pizza Guy Gets Clobbered:

Battle to The Death:

Winner of the Naked Division, our own Sweet Caroline:


Winner Supreme:


The taxi home:


Overall Result:

Fun had by all.

Get to New Jersey Slowly

Just heard that tomorrow (Tuesday) morning there will be a 5 mile fun across the Ben Franklin Bridge. The run is sponsored by Fusion Cross Training as part of the 10 week boot camp, which is being followed by NBC10. This 10 week exercise extravaganza is a fitness contest So this isn't simply a private group exercise training-- there might be some glamor with your blood, sweat and tears.

One contestant, HughE Dillon is a popular photographer and blogger in Philly. You can follow his story on his blog- Philly Chit Chat.

Therefore, this is a media event with a helicopter overhead. Don't know anything else because nothing on their website. But @FusionPhilly on Twitter is tweeting about it.

The details are spare: Meet at 7 am in front of Independence Hall.

This is one event I guarantee you won't be seeing me at. But if you go, let me know how it went.

Grease and Cougars

Science on Tap: Fossils
Monday, July 13, 2009
6:00 PM
National Mechanics
22 S. Third Street, Philly, PA 19106
FREE (21+ or 25+ chaperone for kids)

"Science on Tap is a monthly gathering that features a brief, informal presentation by a scientist or other expert followed by lively conversation.

“Cold Hard Science: Fossil Discoveries in the Canadian Arctic and the Origin of Limbed Animals.

Daeschler, Associate Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Academy of Natural Sciences has done pioneering research collecting and describing Late Devonian fossil vertebrates in Pennsylvania and the Arctic. Presented by the Academy of Natural Sciences."

Grease Outdoor Movie & Sing-a-long
Monday, July 13, 2009
9:00 PM
Jamaican Jerk Hut
1436 South St., Philly, PA 19146
$5 at the door

"Go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile
(Grease lightning go grease lightning)"

Speed Dating: Older Women/Younger Men
Wednesday, July 15, 2009
7:00 - 9:00PM
Dolce Restaurant
239 Chestnut St., Philly, PA 19106

"So....you're interested in meeting an older woman OR you're a hot cougar wanting to meet a younger guy....THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU!!

One of our most exciting and entertaining events, our Older Women/Younger Men event on July 15, 2009 at Dolce Restaurant and Lounge is one you won't want to miss! Younger Men (at least age 24) will meet Philadelphia’s finest cougars (not over 50, please). Come out and enjoy a free drink on us while you meet other singles who are professional, mature, and interested in meeting like-minded singles."

"What makes a design seem intuitive?"
Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Bossone Center Auditorium
Drexel University
31st & Market Streets Philly, PA 19104
RSVP required (email

If you are in the visual design field and you are *not* in the field of designing user interfaces for software, I guarantee you will learn a lot by listening to Jared Spool, one of the premier UX (User Experience) experts and teachers out there.

Jennifer Weiner Lecture
Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Free Library of Philadelphia
1901 Vine St., Philly, PA 19103
FREE (but get there early for good seats)

I paid $35 to go see Jennifer Weiner at Society Hill Synagogue. She is absolutely hilarious in person. She is a masterful, engaging storyteller (and writer). She was worth $35 for the entertainment value alone.

Sample: "When my mom came out (gay) in her late 50s, she really came out. She changed her answering machine and voicemail messages to: 'Hey, it's me. I'm out and I'm proud! Leave a message! Bye!'"

World Music Dance Party: Latin
Thursday, July 16, 2009
7:30 - 9:30PM
Kimmel Center
260 S. Broad St., Philly, PA 19102
$20 (or try PhillyFunGuide $14 discount)

It's a bit expensive but if you're tired of the concerts with good bands where there is no room to dance and/or dancing is discouraged by methodical seating arrangements, check out Kimmel Center's World Music Dance Parties.

Pictures from last week's African dance party

Bikes/Trikes Family Fun Day
Saturday, July 18, 2009
1:00 - 4:00PM
Aviator Park, 1900 Block of Race St.

"Face painting, prizes, music, more
Create kinetic art sculptures with instructors from Neighborhood Bike Works
Dress up your bike and show it off in the
Bicycle Beauty Paegant & Parade (2pm)
Take park in bicycle safety demos with the Bicycle Ambassadors"

Art Loud Cafe
Saturday, July 18, 2009
7:00 - 11:00PM
Take the Lead Dance Studio
4701 Pine St., Philly, PA 19143

"Poetry, music, film, dance". One of the best places to socialize and learn how to dance because it's not a club, it's a community corner magnet.

Philly Geek Party
Saturday, July 18, 2009
Tir Na Nog
1600 Arch St., Philly, PA 19103

"Geeks + Music + DJs + Food + Booze = Good Times on a weekend night!

No cover and giveaways from sponsors TBA!

'We’re creating a party just for you! A (hopefully) monthly social meetup that will include music, networking, and socializing all in one place. And it will be on a weekend night. This is not your typical stuffy networking event. This is a bar night that caters to you. We understand you like to socialize, we understand you like to network, but we also know you like to let loose and party. This night is for you.'"

Credit: Creative Commons photo by laurenmurphy

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello. I'm Beth and this is my first One Fine Philly post. I'll be writing under the moniker Tallgirl and when/if you meet me, you'll see it's pretty fitting.

My husband and I just celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary last weekend, and at the end of July we'll celebrate our third year here in Philly. We've spent those three years living in West Philadelphia, but we're about to change all that. South Philly here we come! While I've loved living in West Philly (at least most of the time), we're getting priced out of the area where we live. In order to get more bang for our buck--which in our world translates to a space larger than one bedroom--we decided to make the move and change neighborhoods. So, for $100 and the cost of heat more a month (our current place has heat included), we're moving from a small one-bedroom to a three-bedroom South Philly rowhouse. Movin' on up...

Still, every time I walk the dog or hear the tree leaves rustle outside my window, I think of all I will miss out here in West Philly. Here's my top ten:

1. Clark Park - We've had the good fortune to live within a block of Clark Park in both of the West Philly apartments we've rented. The flea markets, concerts, Shakespeare in the Park, the kids battling with foam swords in the uber-intensive games of capture the flag, the snow sledding, the farmer's market--it will all be missed.

2. Clark Park Farmer's Market - It deserves it's own point. I will miss it that much.

3. Chester Avenue Dog Park - Our membership isn't up until October, so we'll still make the trek at least until then. But, we'll miss having access just two blocks away. I'll also miss Millie and Mable and Mona, Lou, Silo and Toaster. These are the dogs. I'll miss some of the owners too, but I don't know most of their names.

4. Green Line Cafe - Mmmm...coffee shop writing.

5. Vietnam Cafe - A fairly new addition to the neighborhood, I'm going to miss having their house special vermicilli just two blocks away.

6. Pattaya Restaurant - Take out from Pattaya makes me happy. Is there Thai in South Philly?

7. Dock Street Brewery - I love my Fig Jam pizza.

8. Parking - Be able to always find a spot in front, or next to, my apartment without driving around.

9. Trees/grass/greenery - Where we're going, there are no trees.

10. Ben and Adrienne - My brother-in-law and his fiance live just a 10 minute walk away. They could walk over and pick up our pooch when we were away for the afternoon. They could swing by for a movie or a beer. They can still visit us in South Philly, but it was nice having them so close.

I'm sure there will be many things I'll come to love about South Philly, and I look forward to discovering them. Still, I'm open to any suggestions. I should be packing this afternoon--my shelves of books are calling my name. Instead I think I'm going to head over the Flea Market at Clark Park. While it's still just a block away.

Photo: Philadelphia Orchestra at Clark Park with aforementioned Ben and Adrienne in the foreground.
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