Saturday, June 20, 2009

Post Secret

A blog post published on a Saturday evening is probably not going to get much traffic so I'll put up a couple of pictures and call it a night.

I have noticed that most people look flirty and attractive when they purse their lips on camera. But not me. I look hideous.

See this picture on your left. I just snapped on my computer camera. I look normal and friendly enough. Please excuse the hair- it's been monsoon season in Philly and I've been a frizzball all June.

But look at what happens when I try to do a flirty pouty picture for you all...

Definitely not attractive. What's wrong with my nose, it has become misshapen. I have taken dozens of shots of this pose, but I can't ever make it look good. So I need to stop.

If anybody has a good idea for an alternative pose, I'd love the help. I want to update my profile pictures on several online sites, but can't get a good picture.

1 comment:

  1. Try the "laugh and look away from camera" shot -- as if the camera were a guy you really like and he said something funny and complimentary, so you laugh, blush, and look away. Just don't look too far away or it'll turn into a back-of-the-head shot! I like to have back story when cameras are present. :) But frankly, I think your direct smile is fabulous!


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