Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tetris Turns 25

Nothing beats a good alliterative headline, except for a good birthday bash. The cybersphere informed me that Tetris is still in the prime of it's life: young, good looking, still getting action, and people still want to get their hands on it. I salute you Tetris and still glad you are getting play.

I discovered Tetris well after the craze died down. I was always about 5 years behind the trends. For example my family didn't get cable till the late 80's, but fortunately MTV was still in its prime. I became hooked on Tetris in the game room at my college, but not until I started playing for free on my computer and my sister's Game Boy did I really get crazy.

But this blog is not really about fawning over everybody's best friend Tetris, it's about me. Rule one of blogging: everything is about me. This wind up is really about how I am feeling old now. Kids who weren't born when I was in high school all love the 80's. It's not flattering. What they are thinking is that they'll go through granny's things and try on her hats for fun and profit.

But in a way I don't mind. I love singing along to remixes of New Wave and 80's classics at clubs. Makes me feel like I have special knowledge because I used to love Duran Duran when they were in their twenties. Glad to know I can buy new clothes to complete the look.


  1. I think I'll purchase my honey the Black Swim Skinny Jacket & Trousers ... Do you think he'll mind if I make him mousse his hair? And call him Simon? And take his picture and stuff it under my pillow? Aaaahhhh, the 80s ...

  2. Hey, at least the kids still know what Tetris is... My ex's students looked at me like I was from Mars when I showed them a 5.25 floppy disk!


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