Friday, June 5, 2009

Discretionary Spending

I work in retail. I haven't worked in retail since 1996, but here again I find myself working in retail. And it really isn't bad -- in fact, I enjoy the frequent contact with new people, my fellow employees, the chance to gaze through the window at the people going by ...

And then there's the shopping.

As an employee of this company, I get a significant discount, on products I ordinarily wouldn't be able to afford. Also, I have to wear the company's products every time I work, so it makes sense that I would purchase a few things for work days, with the intention that I'll continue to have and to hold them from this day forth even beyond the death of this particular job. However.

My 75% off vouchers came in today. I get a certain amount of them per calendar year, so the ones I just received turn into pixie dust come January 2010. And really, the economy can't be so bad I wouldn't be able to find full-time employment before then, right? So what good is it to save them up?

Ha. So far today I've gone through 5 of these vouchers.

But I have every intention of quitting now. Really, the products are generally more conservative than my usual style, and I think I've actually already purchased everything that interested me ...

Until the fall collection comes in! God have mercy on my soul, or at least my wallet.

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