Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spontaneous Dance Party

So I did it- went to the spontaneous dance party. I made it out to 22nd and the Ben Franklin Parkway at 1 pm for rehearsal of the spontaneous dance party.

When I arranged about twenty women were practicing the choreography for the five minute dance. A couple of guys did meander in a bit later. Two interns from NPR were there to do a segment on the event for NPR.

In talking with the other participants, many of them didn't know the organizer Laura, but came out because of the Facebook invite.

The spontaneous dance party (SDP) emerged from the viral videos of choreographed dances in Europe done by flash mobs. Laura had attracted the interest of the Philadelphia Visitor's Bureau who decided to film the event to attract people to our city.

The event was choreographed where groups of 5-10 would jump in and join the original three dancers, Laura and her two sisters. There was a PA set up with clips of about 5 different songs.

In all about 50 people were dancing, but several others were at the Art Museum to watch. For me, it was an exhiliarating five minutes. It was a great deal of fun and many of us were chattering afterward.

When more video and pictures become available, I'll post them up. In the meantime, here are my stabs at action photography. The top shot is us practicing and the second shot is the beginning of the dance when only a handful people were doing it.

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  1. I was watching at the art museum and I have to say, I loved that guy in the blue shirt who jumped in early haha. He really had some great moves.


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