Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Sisters Are Coming to Visit!

Tomorrow night, my sisters arrive for a weekend visit. Myself, my oldest sister, and my youngest sister, will be trying to blend our varied interests into one fun-filled weekend.

My oldest sister is from San Francisco, likes to hike, play soccer and wear breathable pants. My youngest sister is a starving actress/nutrition student/yogi/waitress/vegan living in Manhattan. I am a Rittenhouse brat that thinks shopping is cardio. So how will we all meet somewhere in the middle?

Here is my proposed plan:

Anyone else have suggestions?


  1. Jose Pistola's is my fav. bar downtown... good choice!

  2. A lot is going on for Saturday...No Libs music festival in afternoon & summer solstice all-nighter at Kimmel. You could entertain your sisters for 24 hours straight.


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