Sunday, June 14, 2009


I went to two disparate events today. I'll write about Jennifer Weiner later - she is a riot - as an audience member told her during Q&A - 'you're wildly funny in non-fiction'.

First, I went to a memorial ceremony for an old family friend today. One person flew in from Tokyo to pay his respects to the family and is flying back tomorrow. Probably the most successful individual I have ever known personally. Super competitive - I remember playing table tennis with him and he'd spot me 15 points (21 point game) and still win. Crazy spin on the ping pong ball. How frustrating it was to always lose but I admit it was fun to see him enjoying the win. Super smart - I learned today that he got his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Purdue University in only two years. That's unheard of. Mentor to so many people.

I wasn't really close to him but I was affected by his loss. More wealth than most people could ever imagine amassing, yet he could not ultimately defeat cancer. One thing that struck me from hearing the stories shared by the speakers at his memorial was that he was his own person. From having a collection of hundreds of unique hats and wearing them proudly to shoveling snow off the public courts with his four-some to play tennis in Winter-time when they could have easily played indoors sands winter coats to being the toughest but most caring boss to...

It was awkward after the ceremony making catch-up talk with his extended family and friends. To see the kids of his kids introduce their husband to me (I'd known them when they were wee small). However, it was a nice wakeup call about life (again). Hopefully, I don't snooze it.

Be your unique self.

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