Sunday, June 21, 2009


Summer Solstice event at the Kimmel Center was completely wonderful. I had gotten a 50% of flyer and was able to attend the event for only $5. It was a bargain and definitely worth the trip.

I got there around 8:30 and joined a throng dancing to PhillyBloco, a local Brazilian band. The band is in yellow in the photo to the left. For an encore they left the stage and joined the audience filling Verizon Hall with the hypnotic sounds of drums.

Right after PhillyBloco, I went for the Bollywood dance lesson. That was truly exhausting and aerobic because the dance moves incorporate vigorous arm and leg movements, synchronized and strong. I flailed for an hour, arms akimbo and sweating profusely. Very fun, but my legs are still sore from last night.

It was great dancing in areas where food and beverages were prohibited. No spilled drinks on the floor or in my hair. A nice break from my usual weekend dance experience.

After Bollywood dancing I check out Karen Gross' Caberet show and saw some of a drag show out in a main area. That drew a lot of attention and the performers were quite fabulous and bigger than life. I ran into Pop Culture Casualty who was there with her sisters and some friends.

A great night. Who else went and did you have fun?

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