Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vacation Planning

I want to take a real vacation in September. The kind where I go somewhere new to explore. Or maybe someplace loved and familiar such as the Jersey shore. I'm having a difficult time deciding what I want to do. This are the disparate options I'm thinking about:

1) Explore a new city- With a flying phobia and no driver's license, my options are limited to places where Amtrak goes. I was thinking of going to Toronto, which is only a 12 hour train ride. I'm not sure what is there, but I know the city is bigger than Philadelphia and has a vibrant music scene. Plus, it's out of the United States. It's about the only foreign travel I can handle right now.

2) Go down the shore- My mom has a place in Avalon and I love vacationing there in the off season. It is quiet and many stores have closed down giving it less of a touristy feel. However, the water and air is warm enough for swimming. I don't mind the frequent tropical storms of September. Hurricane season is exciting to me.

3) Social vacation- The tough part about vacationing alone is the loneliness. No one to talk to and laugh with. I have been thinking about finding a conference or retreat and doing something with a group of strangers. A tour is not my speed because I hate museums, walking tours, and anything historic. But maybe if there were a cool convention or festival going on somewhere, I could glom onto that.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

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  1. I’ll recommend Montreal. It’s closer than Toronto and it’s a great walking city.

    They have all sorts of festivals (music, movies, comedy) happening throughout the summer, so you can have the “social vacation” while still exploring a foreign city.


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