Sunday, June 14, 2009


This post is a continuation of Dance Party!!! in which I was describing 15 dance spots I wanted to go to this year. As you know, I fizzled out after 5 selections so here are 5 more to keep you going.

(Upstairs at Khyber. Photo credit:

Sundae at Schmidt's Piazza: I admit I have not made it to this party yet this summer because frankly I've been exhausted on Sundays. Located in the nearly opened Schmidt's Piazza, its a major happening at Fishtown at 2nd and Germantown Avenue. Clicky for information. Right now I could be at the Sundae afterparty at Vino (on NW side of Piazza), but I am watching a Cold Case rerun instead. Since Cold Case is set in Philadelphia, I'm still doing the One Fine Philly thing. Anyway, for the uninitiated, Sundae is a weekly outdoor dance party, which is kid friendly. After 9 pm, the party moves to Vino and then later to Pure. Catch Sundae before the summer ends.

Silk City at 5th and Spring Garden. Gotta get back there soon. So crowded and fun. I like to go on Saturday nights where they feature 80's music, but pretty much they play a mix of Top 40, R&B, rock, and electro.

Transit at 600 Spring Garden. Transit does not have a web site up, so I never really know if it's still open. As of 4/2009, I've heard word it's still going on. Transit lines up some very strong electronic acts. It's a large multiroom performance space and open until 3:30 am.

Starlight Ballroom at 460 N. 9th Street. I have no good reason for not have been to this performance venue yet. They have a variety of music there and a lot of it sounds really interesting.

Upstairs at Khyber at 56 N. 2nd St.
This tiny spot atop the Khyber's bar/performance space hosts several local DJ's. The mix of rock, electro and experimental is interesting and danceable in a strange way.

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  1. I'm not much of a late night club person anymore so this Sundae at Schmidts Piazza looks inviting. In high school, we would drive down to Schmidts and buy a case of beer, they had no problem serving underage kids from the burbs.


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