Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Accidental Artists

This little kitty was sculpted out of stone by my grandmother Mimi. She said that as she explored her medium, the cat emerged. From jagged rock came this sleek creature.

Mimi never saw herself as an artist or of having an extraordinary talent. She sculpted only because she loved it and never exhibited her work except in her condo in Longboat Key, Florida.

My grandmother is no longer alive, but I continue to be inspired by the whimsy and love contained in this piece.

This watercolor painting is how my father recorded his passion for the ocean and beaches. He would photograph them with fine brushes and shards of paint melting into each other in water splashes.

This painting is special because I remember that trip to Florida (to Longboat Key to see his parents Mimi and Pop). I am wearing a sweatshirt my boyfriend Greg gave me. Sadly, those times are gone. My father passed away from cancer in 1990, Greg became a doctor and settled in Long Island, and I am no longer the 18 year old girl I used to be.

So I consider myself lucky to have my apartment decorated by great artists who loved their creative process greatly.

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