Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Noir is the New Black

The other weekend I had the privilege of taking in some classic noir, gorgeous cocktails, and sparkling conversation with the folks over at Rowhouse Productions. Hosted by Rufus Fowler and Sarah Noble, their Rowhouse Film Festival is in its fourth season, and this time the theme is noir. I've been a new addition to the invite-only group, but I can tell you now that these folks know how to throw a cocktail party! In fact, another series midwived by the dynamic duo is SPEC: The Society for the Promotion of Extraordinary Cocktails (featured in Philly Weekly, April 2008). I can't wait to get in on some of that action.

(Photo courtesy of Rufus and Sarah)

Rufus and Sarah rehabbed a gorgeous rowhome on Christian Street some six years ago, banking on the impending Toll Brothers encampment known as Naval Square. (I get my car share car from there: it's like a fancy, fancy mental institution! Show your visitor badge to get in or out, because there's no way past the 12-foot iron fence otherwise!) They chose wisely, and now their delightfully design-friendly space neighbors other recent rehabs and is just down the street from the Sidecar. (Awesome brunch.) What does a fabulously hip, supersmart, gorgeous couple do when they have a venue like this? Entertain!

I'm really looking forward to the next event. Perhaps I'll manage one of Sarah's Grrl's Teas? Here's hoping!

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