Thursday, June 18, 2009

Soooo tired

It is 9 pm and as soon as I write my blog post, I can take a hot bath and go to bed. I had an amazing night- one of those times when things work out not only for the best, but also like a dream. On Twitter somebody talked about Vegan Drinks Philly, an event at Horizons restaurant. I'm not vegetarian event, but it sounded so good to me because I hadn't eaten all day. I had skipped breakfast and lunch.

I called a couple friends on the fly, which I like to do when insecure. Naturally, they said no. Notice too short and I invited a vegan friend who seemed a bit haughty when he turned me down. He basically said he already knew about the event and was pre-engaged. His response goaded me into going. I show HIM, I'll go myself.

Which I did and my plan was to eat and then leave. I ordered a lemonade, beet small plate, and a heart of palm fritter. I wish I was a food writer and could write lofty wafty prose about the remoulade and the bitter frisee garnish. I was starving and it was yummy. I ended up chatting up a guy who went to Upper Darby High circa 1988. Since I knew Tina Fey went there, we chatted about he took her to the 8th grade dance. Tina Fey turned him GAY, I tell you. No, she didn't, but he is gay so I was making a specious causal assumption.

I ended up hanging out with him and his friend who brought her friends for about an hour more. While sitting at this table of people who started as total strangers, I thought who took over my body and made me outgoing. I used to read Sark books an envy her wacky friendliness and how she had pals everywhere.

I'm realizing that meeting people is simple. On Planet Caroline all people are good and wanting to connect, laugh, and try new things. However, I recognize that most people aren't in the mood for that a lot of the time. Because their dog died or their boss scowled at them or their too tired of the rain. So, I try to be light about it and wear life as a loose garment. I invite people to chat, to go dancing, to hange out. And I beg them to invite me to things as well. The reason I am so aggressively social is that Planet Caroline needs visitors. Lots of them.

This personal blog post is not totally coherent, but then again neither am I. But I wrote and now I can take that bath I told you about.

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  1. > I'm realizing that meeting people is simple.

    Though your introvert credentials may be questionable/up for the review board, I always admire individuals like you who have introverted tendencies who consciously push themselves out of the safety of holding-a-drink-and-being-a-statue to putting themself out there.

    Life is about breaking out of the routine, and you seem to be doing that more often. Cheers to that!

    Side note: You would probably be a natural at improv. Have you taken any classes?

  2. I used to be painfully shy as a child. I had no friends for a long time and people would tease me an call me loner. I think I've shed my introversion and shyness in adulthood.

    About the improv thing, I am taking classes at Comedy Sportz. It has helped me tremendously to live in the moment and to take everything that happens as an opportunity to try something new.


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