Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everything Annoys Me

Because it's spring and everybody is out in the world, I am more irritated and annoyed by everything. For example, outside my window somebody has been idling their car for literally two hours. I think the are trying to fix the car by running it for a long time, but it still sounds awful and horrible smells are coming from it into my window. I went to go outside and nicely tell the guy to fucking stop already and that the car needs a mechanic, not him pressing on the gas pedal.

Actually my whole neighborhood annoys me because it's so loud with irritating suburban sounds. Lawn mowers, wood chippers, howling dogs, screaming children, drunk Haverford students, and the birds. The birds are the worst. Don't they know that it's night time at 4 am. Those birds think they are so cute with their chirping, but they are keeping me up. Stupid birds.

So I realize this is not my most winning blog post. I imagine that whoever is reading this will be feeling annoyed. But if any of you suggest that I am having PMS, I will set fire to your hair.

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