Saturday, November 7, 2009

Life Without Computer

The details are not important, but the punchline is. I have no computer. And life without computer is dramatic, but familiar. Retro. I have a radio and some art supplies to pass the time. And I pay close attention to paper- I read everything that crosses my path. At every coffee shop, I load up on colorful flyers and marvel at their artistry. Thick paper, glossy designs, and clever photographs. I take them home to absorb their information and then cut up for artist materials.

Life without computer is fine. I pay $1.65 at my local cafe for a cup of caffeine & then I get 20 minutes of computer time. The library is more generous. For free I get 20 minutes, but I get automatic re-ups if there is no line. Yesterday, I spent an hour on the computer. But frankly, it wasn't necessary or productive.

So here with an extra 5 minutes to spare, I thought I'd blog. Ironic that I am posting something online, I don't have time to edit or reflect on. But life without computer is just fine.

(No photo with this post. I don't have permission to download pics.)
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