Friday, June 12, 2009

Best Week Ever...Not

In a freshly-minted, savory, semi-regular Friday column, I will try to string together too many adjectives and give some highlights of the week. What I mean by semi-regularly is that I will do it once today and IF I receive positive feedack (ie. one measly undulating comment), I will do this item again.

Say It Ain't So VH1. This first item is dedicated in honor of Best Week Ever, which was too good to let live. There is a movement to save Paul F. Tompkins (Not sure if this factoid is worth printing: @PFTompkins has pointedly been mum on this topic in public and on Twitter). Best Week Ever even living in the shadow of being murdered, ahem being cancelled, covered the great Philadelphia in the it's June 12th blog entry. But Philly peeps you ned to read the Citypaper version of the story in the clog so click right here. I had a Phillygasm reading this item as you can see by the comment I made. Jennaphr Fredericks AND Danny DeVito together are pure comic gold.

Massive Party Weekend in Philly. Where were you this past weekend (June 5-7) was the question everyone was asking on Monday. Me personally, I hit the Roots Picnic, Belle & Sebastian tribute party hosted by Philebrity at National Mechanics and saw Stinking Lizaveta outside Dock Street on Sunday. I'm disappointed that I didn't make it to Art Brut, Picnic afterparty at Fluid, NIN/JA (funny acronyms, ftw), or Sundae. The shore looked fun too with electronic legend Paul Oakenfold playing at the Taj Mahal. I know people slag Oakey for weak, drug addled mixing (Cokenfold as he's affectionately called), but I had a blast a few years ago when he showcased at the now defunct Emerald City in Philly.

I'm most dissapointed I missed Sundae. Questlove made an appearance there and it looked fun. But no worries, Sundae is a weekly party at the newly opened Schmidt's (hope I spelled that right- too lazy to spell check right now) Piazza at 2nd in Germantown in Fishtown. (P.S. Don't care that I missed Phish, even with it's Philly style spelling)

Self-congratulatory item. Thanks for the feedback on my blog I got this week on my SubwayDance Party piece. It resulted in some misunderstandings, controversy, and some fuck-the-Canucks tweets. The 18 year old Nick apologized to me on Twitter, which I should have used to fuel a foofaraw that Philebrity would cover. But instead I told him I hearted him and wished our feud to be over. But it also enhanced understanding between Toronto and Philadelphia. A subway dance party with wiz coming soon. Stay tuned.

It's (Not) Always Sunny in Philadelphia. "Hey anybody look out a window lately?" Har har. This popular (and thankfully still running) FX program was riffed on as the hilarious joke of the week around here. Oy gevalt, the weather.

That's it for my first installment of the un-named column that comes out on Friday about the week in Philly. Tips, comments, and insults always welcome.


  1. Do I count for one measly comment? Hope you do this again! Loved reading it.

  2. Hey thanks. I meant to link this post to my Facebook, which usually generates comments, but forgot.


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