Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Harry Anderson Hit On Me!

Harry Anderson, the guy who guested on Cheers and the judge from Night Court has found me on Facebook and wants to make my acquaintance. And perhaps more, hubba. I am especially impressed with his powers of discernment as my profile is private to people living outside of Philly. But he isn't after me for my looks unless he has chromophilia- my current picture is a simple green square in support of democracy protests in Iran. But I imagine that he detected my sassiness oozing from my list of tawdry friends.

But, Harry, is 25 years too late from his Night Court stint, which began in 1984. In searching Night Court online, I found a clip of a Night Court eppy with Brent Spiner (you know Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, right?) guesting. Awesome. Clicky to see it.

Now 1984 that was a year. Was anybody old enough to remember Orwell on the cover of Time magazine. I admit I didn't read the dystopian novel until college. But my dad did read Animal Farm to my baby sister, while my other sister and I bleated the sheeps' dialogue like ("four legs good, two legs baaaaaaaad.") Speaking of 1984, oh looky, and you can read Orwell's entire rat infested novel online for free. That was a good year... Historic in many ways. MTV had its first video music awards show. No surprise that Michael Jackson's Thriller swept many of the categories, but it's entertaining to see some all of the nominees. It's hard to believe how much hype there was around the Thriller video and how it was lauded as groundbreaking because it was long. Here is a written summary of the MTV awards show broadcast.

Thanks Harry for bringing back the memories. And I do suspect the Harry who wrote me is not THE REAL ex-magician actor HARRY ANDERSON. According to Who's Dated Who, Harry still gets work in Hollywood and elsewhere. Don't think this Harry Anderson is the major league baseball outfielder who got his start as a pro with the Philadelphia Phillies. See, here I've made a Philadelphia connection in this blog post, wow. I don't think this Harry is my man though... I checked his stats and he's on the Field of Dreams league now.

So this man is probably a flimflam artist, but I choose to be flattered nonetheless. I've reposted Anderson's message for you all.

Subject: hello dear

Hello ,
how are you doing and how has your day been? I am Harry B Anderson, i live in lincolnshire in England,i lived most part of my life in ireland.Im am a graduate of business administration, im a business man doing well in my business im also a philantropist, am new to this website and can even say am new to the internet because am not that familiar with it..... am single and never married, i really enjoy your profile because you have gotten a nice profile out of the millions of profile on this site...iam a very selective man like to choose whom to talk to and whom not to.. .. i will like to be your friend I love the waters , u know , fishing, swimming ,beach,sailing I also believe in helping those who are in need , and i mean those who really need the help and will be very happy if you can write me can add me for a chat using [address removed] or call this no +[number removed] ..... thanks and have a nice time..... time....we talk better when we share address.i am really really expecting your reply thanks HARRY

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  1. Wow, weird. But thanks for the Night Court memories. :-D My big memory of 1984 was the macintosh commercial:


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