Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not a Breast Man, A Wing Man

My friend Mark is an amazing friend: kind, caring, wickedly funny, and he slathers praise on me like its butter and I'm a piping hot corn muffin. He also makes an amazing wing man in my quest to pick up new friends.

I admit it. Most of my friends are men. And I've been beating the "need more women friends" drum for quite some time. But I haven't quite found the pipeline to the women pool. There is one woman at my job I like and she's a friend. And I have women acquaintances, but our connections never rooted and grew. My oldest women friends live out of state now. So I have women in my orbit, but not anybody to hang out with on a regular basis.

This is where Mark comes in. Unlike me, he's great with the ladies. And he decided to introduce me to a couple of them. Not only did he introduce us, he engaged us in three way conversation knit a bond between the women and me. One of those women is known here as Pop Culture Casualty. Due to him introducing us, I got on the blog and we are becoming friends. And this weekend at a party, he got me talking to a woman, which led to the exchange of email addresses and talk of a coffee date. Wooo.

So, sometimes a way to a good woman is through a man.


  1. It's great getting in with the lady friends -- This past couple of years have been so great for me in that arena. Wherever they come from, hanging with women is part (for me)of being happy in my own skin. Glad you've found a wing man, Caroline!

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  3. I love this post. Outside of college or jail, meeting good gal pals is tough. We need our lady friends-- stand up if ya hear me!

  4. I think writing on this blog is a good way to meet women too. I hope to meet you Angel (and the other One Fine Philly bloggers) sometime soon. If you don't know who I am fine me on Twitter, I'm @caroline815.

  5. I feel the same way about our friend Mark. He has a really special talent at making people feel good about themselves, appreciated and special.

    In fact, sometimes, when I want to meet new people and make a new friend, I pretend I am Mark. I compliment, I appreciate, I notice, I lift up my new potential friend and I am happy to say that if I don't have a new friend at the end of this conversation - I at least feel good about myself.

    Making women friends is one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do, but one of the most satisfying.

    So glad to include you in that circle. Thanks for joining our team!

  6. One interesting venue that you might consider to meet new potential friends of the *same* sex is at a speed-dating event because at the speed-dating event you're not supposed to trade numbers with the opposite sex but there are tons of same sex with whom you might actually bond+commiserate.

  7. Great idea about the speed dating events. I love it. I've made friends with a couple women on online dating sites simply by chatting them up after I see that our profiles are similar.


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