Thursday, August 6, 2009

Window Box Ideas

Our new place has window boxes in the front windows. I'm determined to fill them with flowers, and help spruce-up the outward appearance of our home. I know nothing about gardening, flowers or window boxes, but ours are the metal trough kind and I've recently learned that they need to be lined with coconut fiber. I still need to research how best to make this happen, but I'm starting to collect images for inspiration. The first two are photos I took on a walk in the Fairmount District. The others I found online. I'm especially drawn to the ones that have vines hanging down. Perhaps these will help someone else find inspiration as well.

Photo credits: 1. & 2. Me | 3. | 4. This Old House magazine website 5. Jean Cotner, Flickr jeanctnr | 6.

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