Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am the Goddess of Philly Dating

Having gotten home from a date worthy of the biting satire of Shmitten Kitten, I have dating on the brain. (For those unfamiliar with the Philly dating blog Shmitten Kitten go there now. It will save thousands in therapy bills.) I am reluctant to blog about dating because potential mates cyberstalk me by reading my vanity blog Planet Caroline. According to Phillygrrl (another fantastic local blog), there are legions of men dying to date bloggers. I am skeptical of that assertion. But Phillygrrl is way hotter than me.

Anyway I digress. 

For One Fine Philly, I want to talk dating from a Philly-centric point of view. After 10 months of dating a number of fine people, I have come to one conclusion. Dating is not a great way to explore the current, exciting, and ridiculously fun aspects of the city. Before you reject my assertion, let me say this. Philly is great for couples, for people who know each and are willing to take chances on sketchy Yelp reviewed restaurants, to view the scatalogical disguised as art, and to engage in athletic activities that make you look like a lumbering water buffalo. 

Take my friend Katchi Tori (name made up so she won't find out I'm talking about her). Her boyfriend is game for just about anything such as yoga (the guy is ruggedly handsome and beefy), taking surfing lessons in Margate or sorting clothing in a cramped storage room for Philly AIDS Thrift

I've seen couples enjoying some of crazy fun events I've attended. It's impossible to not encounter a couple living their lives in a way more interesting than the most intrepid single. Willowy, unwashed couples panhandle on Center City sidewalks- all dropping in the city from some alien place like Kansas or Delaware. Couples use their "nation of two" bravado and conquer our city. I salute them.

But that's not me. Typically I go on first and second dates with people I'm not quite sure about. Therefore, we play it safe and go for familiar options with plenty of exits and open windows. Like La Columbe, Tria, Vango- places in the most boring section of town- Rittenhouse. There have been the occasional dancing date, but as I recall they weren't so much fun because I feared getting sweaty and looking foolish when my shirt rides up my back exposing a pallid, moist muffin top. Appealing. 

Now that I write this, I realize I am obviously doing this dating wrong. So, I welcome any advice to have my dating life mirror the adventures that I have when I'm on my own. 


  1. Similar to why a round of 18 holes of golf (if they play) reveals a potential business partner's true character better than an office meeting, a date that is not a traditional lunch-or-dinner date is better grounded in reality.

    My friend Katie (when she was dating) would take the guy on a hike. Through the hike, she would learn all kinds of things that you can't learn with your best table manners activated and safe conversational topics set out - for instance, is the guy looking around at the beauty of nature or is he not looking around...

    As for exit strategies from a non-traditional date vs traditional date, why not vet the guy with a quick coffee meetup (and then if the coffee goes ok/follow your gut instincts - invite him along to the type of interesting activity that you'd like to do - but only if he passes the coffee test).

  2. Inspiring. Please see my blog response-- we should tackle this together!

  3. Hey Angel, if you want to team up for a night on the town, I'm game.


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