Saturday, August 15, 2009


SEPTA is not my most favorite part of living in Philadelphia. I'm glad I live in a city that has public transportation, and where having a car is a luxury vs. a necessity; however, after having lived in Boston, a city that has a comprehensive web of train lines, SEPTA is often a disappointment. Their slogan, "We're getting there," sounds more like an apology than an affirmation. Still, I've been getting a monthly SEPTA transpass for the last couple of years. I take the Broad St. subway line to work every day, and before I moved, I took the trolley from West Philly.

Recently at the Snyder stop, I've been noticing a billboard advertising SEPTA pass perks. I finally decided to check out the website and see what kind of "perks" I could be getting with my SEPTA pass.

Most of the deals are for places I would never patron, and some perks offer such a small discount, it's hardly worth mentioning.

However, I did find a few bargains worth remembering such as $2 off admission at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, free dessert at the Manayunk Brewery, buy one audio tour and get one free at the Betsy Ross House and free admission at The Institute for Contemporary Art.

Some of the discounts have an expiration date, so it's probably a good idea to check-in on the perks site every once in a while to see if something new has popped up. It's only saving a few dollars, but it's a nice gesture. Maybe someday SEPTA will finally get there.

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