Thursday, August 20, 2009

Party like it's Junior High!

Here's a hot tip for fun this Sunday, August 23. DIY divas extraordinaire, Make Philly are hosting a BBQ and homemade rocket launch at 12 noon at Lemon Hill in Fairmount Park. Event runs till 3 pm.

Bring your own everything - food, beverages and tricked out water rocket made from a plastic water bottle, water, and air that you install through a bicycle pump. Instructions to make a water rocket are right here. They say it takes 30 minutes....umm...yeah right. For the mechanically inept (like me) it might take longer.

Decorate your rocket and, viola, you have awesomeness.

This brings back Junior High memories of Andy Hermann (now in Lala land reveling in career covering music beat at Metromix) and me building and shooting off a rocket we dubbed affectionately, FUBAR.

Geek chic. Family friendly. Fairmount Park. BBQ.


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