Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Perfecting the Pole

I was walking my pooch down a new street tonight, exploring my new neighborhood when I saw a dance studio that caught my attention. Pole by Patrica, located on Juniper Street between Snyder and McKean, is a pole dancing studio, a workout I've been wanting to try since my friend spoke so highly of her S Factor classes in NYC a couple of years ago. Said friend has since installed a pole in her bedroom.

When I got home and looked up Pole by Patricia's website, I was both surprised and disappointed to see that their first-timers class and beginners classes both start at 5pm. Really? Don't any of their students work 9 - 5 jobs? I work in Center City and have a short commute, but I work until 5pm and could never make a 5 - 6pm class. The very earliest I could be there would be 5:30pm and that would be pushing it. I can't imagine I am their first potential client to face this challenge. I wonder if their class times ever change or if they are on a rotating schedule? It just seems such a shame to dismiss a whole group of working women who may be interested in classes, and I just emailed Patricia and told her as much. Maybe it's the heat that's making me fiesty.

A quick Google search also presented 3 Philly pole dancing locations for Philly Premier Pole Dance. While not a short walk from my apartment, they seem to have some classes at more convenient times and are less expensive. I also found Poise Dance Studio, also in South Philly.

I'm curious, has anyone taken a pole dancing class? I think it would be fun to get some girls together for a private lesson. Pole by Patricia offers private lessons for 4-6 girls for $200 or a 2-hour party (90-minute lesson included) for up to 12 girls for $300. Sounds good to me.

Image credit: The Pole by Patricia website.

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