Friday, August 21, 2009

Confession: I Want to Hide in the Summer

I'm interested in hitting a pool/dance party in Atlantic City tonight, but my body image issues are giving me pause. I struggle with the idea of dancing with women in bikinis while I flop a bit in my slightly matronly one piece. I tried to find a lovely photo of a woman who was at least a size 14 in a bathing to suit to add to this little blog post. But I couldn't find any. Search "plus size" in Google yielded women who looked waifish to me. No wonder, I have body dysmorphia - not enough pictures of regular women out there.


  1. Correction: I meant that there is not a good representation of the diversity of women in the media. We are all "regular women."

  2. check out the September issue of Glamour! great pic's of "real women" with super cute bathing suits!


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