Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do they not know we're in a recession?

Today I had a consumer reality check. Several months ago I bought a poster that is an original, numbered print. I didn't spend an arm and a leg, but I feel confident that it will appreciate greatly over time. I've been meaning to get it framed, but wasn't sure where to take it and just too lazy to take it in.

As a South Philly resident, I now receive weekly sales circulars stuffed in a white plastic bag on my doorstep each Thursday. In them I noticed that A.C. Moore had a coupon for 50% off custom framing. Since I am about to start actually putting things on the walls of my new apartment, I thought now would be a good time to get the print framed.

I arrive at A.C. Moore with the artist husband in tow for aesthetic feedback prepared to drop some money. It turns out, I also needed him there for moral support. My jaw must have dropped when I heard that my total came to $404. And that was after the 50% discount! The sales associate down-graded my glass to one that while still archival, was not glare resistant. That brought my discounted total down to $283. That was a little more reasonable, or at least seemed so after the sticker shock of the first quote. So with tax, the total was over $300 for glass, matte and custom frame. It was a very large piece, and I do hope to have it for a lifetime. Let's also hope I can ward off floods, fires and any other natural or man-made disasters. Oh my!

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