Friday, August 14, 2009

Camden River Sharks

Tuesday night I had the pleasure of a free night of baseball at a Camden River Sharks game. I had never been to a game there and wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. The stadium seemed new and clean, and parking in the lot was only $3. We were handed a free program at the door and had great seats.

The FAQ inside the program revealed that the River Sharks are not a minor league farm team, but rather a professional team in the Atlantic League. The Atlantic League consists of teams with fun names such as the York Revolution and the Lancaster Barnstormers. The program said the level of Atlantic League play would likely fall between AA and AAA of the traditional minor league teams. However, their league is professional baseball and many of their players end up in Major League Baseball.

Although our tickets were free, all advanced tickets are very reasonably priced--between $9 and $13 ($2 or $3 more for game day tickets). The seats are amazing! You can't go to a Phillies game and sit directly behind home plate for $11. And, for a mere $100 you can even buy yourself or a loved one the honor of throwing out the first pitch.

When we arrived, I immediately wished I had remembered to bring my camera. Only two weeks out of the summer digital photography class I was taking, and already I'm beginning to forget my camera. I was kicking myself about it until the sun went down--a beautiful summer sunset highlighted with the Philadelphia city skyline and Ben Franklin Bridge, the baseball field in the foreground. If I would have had my camera, a photo from my seat would have looked something like this:
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Beer, a funnel cake and baseball. Not a bad way to spend a warm summer night.

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