Monday, August 17, 2009

Speed Dating is a Good Way to Waste an Evening

A friend of mine has been hitting the speed dating circuit for awhile now and summed it up as this, "there's always the creepy guy and the hot, but unfortunately drunk girl ." I haven't tried speed dating as of yet because it usually costs $30 and online dating is free and I don't have to leave the apartment to do it.

However, I do have an interest in off-the-beaten-track speed dating events. A few months ago, I attend a "speed friending" event at Mugshots in Fairmount sponsored by, Philadelphia chapter. Meet in (not to be mixed up with specializes in social events to make friends. On the other hand, Meetup is organized around special interest areas, rather than random people going an event. But they both have the same social purpose, I suppose. Anyway, "speed friending" was enjoyable and we got to ask each other off the wall questions, which led to lively conversation. Didn't exchange numbers with anybody, but it was worthwhile all the same.

My favorite dating blog Shmitten Kitten is hosting 4 "Mix Tape" speed dating events in Philadelphia on four Thursdays in September and October organized around the theme of 90's music. Venues are across the city including the Khyber (Sept. 10), Dos Segundos (Sept. 24), the Cantina (Oct 8), and Royal Tavern (Oct 22). Each night hosts a specific genre of music and participants are invited to suggest songs. Those of us at One Fine Philly have been talking about going. Personally, I've registered for the indie music event at the Cantina and emo/pop punk at Dos Segundos. Here is the link to register for Shmitten Kitten Mix Tape speed dating.

The nice part about these Shmitten Kitten events are if the company is not interesting, you can zone out and focus on the music instead. See you there.


  1. It's true that there's always at least one creepy guy, but that's part of the entertainment of speed dating. You may not find true love, but something funny will definitely happen. I'm definitely going to check out the Shmitten Kitten events, too.

  2. I have heard about speed dating from my friend some had good experience and some its not working now i don't know weather to to go or not but speed dating means to meet different peoples at a time at a place for 3 to 5 minutes it sounds cool so once i want to go for it..


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