Saturday, August 1, 2009

Party of the Summer

Today, Philadelphia hosted a dream line up of musicians-- Baltimore artist Dan Deacon, LA pop punk duo No Age, and indie darlings Deer Hunter. Each act on it's own was worth seeing, but in a unique format the bands played played round robin. They were situated on three stages and one band would play a song and then the next act would play. The crowd which was at least 300 strong was jockeying for position. Moving around helped me get close to No Age whose speedy, aggressive 2 minute songs thrilled me. Although I got knocked down by a beefy mosher.

Not only were the performances stellar, but the venue was fantastic. It was the Flying Airport resort, an airfield with an airplane shaped swimming pool, volleyball court, and plenty of grass to spread towels and soak up the bright summer sun.

The hundreds of participants were a sight to behold with their pool toys, hipster haircuts and gleeful dancing. It was an amazing day.


  1. You do the coolest things! My weekends are by necessity more 5-yr-old friendly ...

  2. The Sundae dance party at the Piazza in Northern Liberties is child friendly. I go there every Sunday with my friend and her 3 year old son. It's an all ages event with plenty of children with dancing from 2 - 9 pm. Bring a hula hoop and a few toys to share. You'll make friends quickly.


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