Monday, August 3, 2009

Facebook Doppelgänger

Today, one of my former managers who I rarely if ever see walked into my office area as soon as I came in, and asked me point blank 'Are you engaged?'

Naturally, this was news to me, I expected a project-related question.

He said that he saw a Facebook update from me. That I had gotten engaged over the weekend!! Special Facebook updates apparently get highlighted.

I'm not on Facebook...yet.

But he said that he added me as a friend a couple months ago. There was no profile picture but the name and the company matched. Apparently, there is another person who shares my name and works for the same company. And once my former manager vetted and added "me", 6 of my co-workers added "me" (which is weird because he has 27 friends)

My former manager did say that he did think some of my Facebook updates were kind of strange. I mean, he knows, I am a bit weird but some of the Facebook updates that my Facebook doppelgänger made were kind of outside who he thought I was (he didn't say what they specifically were). Finally, after this engagement surprise, we looked at the profile and we figured it out.

I was thinking of emailing my name-sharing counterpart congratulations...

But when I saw you were engaged, I was like, What??? How come I had to find out from Facebook! -Co-worker who is friend of "me"

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