Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why this post might have been late but isn't.

My son woke up at 5:55 this morning. As he crawled into bed next to me I gave him a big kiss--mainly because he usually wants breakfast NOW and can't be convinced to eke out another hour of snooze. So, we woke up around 7 and I rushed him off to school via car share. He goes to preschool in South Jersey, but that's another story. Traffic sucked on the way back in, but I managed to park (in a lot) and get into my doctor's appointment by 9:15. Back out by 10:00, prescription in hand (again, another story). I have the car for another 2 hours, so off to Ikea I go. On the list: a wicker cat tree and a kitchen cart. I get these, plus three bookshelves from the as-is section.It is important to note here that I had a Prius. Paying for it all makes me want to curl up all fetal, but then I realize I have 45 minutes to get the car back. I back into the loading zone and a dude helps me get the biggest bookshelf in. I realize I'll never get it into the apartment. Then I realize I won't get the other two shelves in anyway. Plan B: they hold the big shelf there, and I take the rest. (fingers crossed I can make it back tomorrow!). Now I have 20 min to get back home, unload, and drop off the car. 10 minutes left and I'm still in South Philly, so I call and add another half hour. I get everything into the hall of my building and park the car back in its spot: 2 minutes early for the original drop off time. Sigh. Anyway, back home, I take all the stuff up to my place, and begin assembling. This requires a total rearranging of the downstairs, which involves moving a lot of books. The cats love the tree. I love the kitchen cart. The two smaller shelves work great although I no longer have room for my tiny tv. 5:00. Time to shower, shave my legs, try on seven different outfits, do my hair, do my makeup, eat a yogurt, and head to Pistola's for a political fundraising event, which I'm squeezing in before the opening of Grey Gardens tonight at 7:00. So the fact that I'm sitting here typing this entry ON MY IPHONE, at the bar, shows my dedication.

Also, I dropped the largest bookshelf (an Expedit, you know the one) on my toes. I don't think they're broken. I'm wearing heels regardless.

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  1. Thank you for your dedication!! We must be willing to sacrifice for three extra inches of height.


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