Friday, May 29, 2009

Sunset Fridays: Music to Start Your Weekend

<-----(Jake Henry, DJing at Vango)

It's Friday night again and the summer of dance-tastic events continue. It's unbelievable how much fun is out there. Tonight, my friend Jake Henry will be DJing at Vango starting at 10 pm where he's had a residency for over six months. Tonight is special because tonight is the coming out party for his new digital label Silk Royal Records. Jake partnered with a man from the Russian Federation to start the label. Expect the music to be close to Jake's tastes...melodic progressive house. Music I think of date dance music. The kind of stuff that's good for dancing close.

A party showcasing Jake and the tracks he loves is always special. Perhaps the friendliest DJ in Philadelphia, he has a following that include friends he's had for most of his 26 years. And his mom, Dad, and talented singer sister, who are fixtures near the DJ booth. I got pulled into the cult of Jake about a year ago when I saw him and his close friends Ali Mahmud and Jason Evan DJ at Lucky Charm. I was one of 6 people dancing instead of bellied up at the bar drinking. Jake, Ali, and Jason gave me their promos and I became an instant fan.

In October, Jake and Ali started "Sunset Fridays" where they spun in the rooftop deck of lounge Vango at 18th and Sansom. Every other week, Jake, Ali and a rotation of special guests spun melodic and tech house while people had post work cocktails and appetizers. Jake and Ali have made a name for themselves in Philadelphia and their reputation is growing in New York. Ali has become a promoter with his company Mid Atlantic Trance and has worked to get world class trance artists to perform in NY and Philly. In fact, tomorrow Ali is busy with his coup of bringing producer Mike Koglin to Love in NYC.

I recommend you checking out Sunset Fridays at Vango (116 S. 18th St.) every other Friday from 6-10. No cover and food specials until 7 pm. And be sure to look for me. I'm there about 75% of the time.

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