Sunday, May 10, 2009

Post-Mother's Day Pampering

If you, like me, view Mother's Day as a cynical and exploitative holiday meant to guilt us into paying attention, for one day, to those who bore us (double entendre intended), then you could probably use a little R&R after this weekend. (Yes, I know Mother's Day was originally an anti-war statement. I think Hallmark might beg to differ.) As a mother, I feel it would have been nice if I could have had some pampering on the day itself, but I came down with a nasty stomach bug. No mimosas for me!

But I digress. For those of you looking to freshen up for spring, head to bluemercury at 1707 Walnut Street. I've walked past this spot any number of times without going in -- do I really need to spend $25 on mascara during a recession? -- but finally a makeup artist friend of mine convinced me to check it out. (Her pitch? Great free samples!) I went for a makeup application event, one of many the shop holds, and came out a convert.

I showed up for my appointment right on time, but the artist was still working on her previous client. The staff turned this into an opportunity, handing me a mimosa and offering a free chair massage while I waited. DIVINE. Kelly worked her magic on my stiff shoulders as we chatted about the Chinatown Bus, from which I had disembarked only an hour earlier. I loved her comparison of that bus to the Muppet Bus, with feathers and passengers flying out the window ... and two mimosas and a great massage later, my makeup artist was ready. (Here I have to apologize, as she was great but I can't remember her name. This was a few weeks ago. Bad blogger!) She listened to what I wanted, put together a great easy daytime look for me with some beautiful Trish McEvoy products, and I walked out with an eyeshadow/liner, brow pencil, lip color, and gloss that I've been using nearly every day since. Of course, she used plenty of other products to complete the look, but I never once felt pressured to buy anything I already own or wasn't totally sold on. I even asked about eyebrow shaping, as I've never had mine done professionally, and their eyebrow person said she wouldn't change a thing with my brows. Imagine, telling a potential client that no, she's doing a great job on her own, don't bother giving you her money? Excellent.

Meanwhile, the rest of the staff attended to late afternoon customers with friendly professionalism, matching one woman's lipstick shade, the name of which she couldn't remember; giving another woman a quick lipstick application; providing product information; making sure everyone was well-supplied with orange juice and champagne. I never once felt anyone was being pushy, or snooty, or inattentive. I may have walked out somewhat cash-poor, but the smile on my face was worth it.

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  1. I'm so glad that you used the day to do something kind and loving for yourself. You deserve it! And you are a wonderful mother!!


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