Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Day Leads to Blogger Fail

In under the wire...just before midnight:

The fates are conspiring me to fail on day one of the blogger challenge. Big news day. I was glued to Twitter feed all day with Obama's nomination for Supreme Court. And then the Proposition 8 ruling. I Twittered and frittered my afternoon away.

And then I went to my volunteer job in the ER. I was planning on leaving but I forgot that the day after a holiday is insane in an ER. People don't get checked out until the long weekend and the bbq's are over. So I stayed late.

And now I am home.

And hammering out this blog post before midnight.

I had better ideas than this simpering post. Really. Check me out tomorrow. I have a great idea.




  1. Sometimes, just a simple post like this is enough. Thanks so much for lending your voice to this challenge. Keep up the good work!!

  2. per request via twitter: /crickets

    But hey, you got me here to read it. And now I have reason to check in tomorrow. :-)


  3. @faerieturtle The next blog post is dedicated to you.


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