Friday, July 3, 2009

Regular Friday Mystery Column

This my third stab at a recap of the week and, oh my, what a week it's been. 

Aftermath of Celebrity Dying Spree I found it cathartic all the talk of death this week. My greatest motivating influence in life is to either escape or accept my inevitable death. Since I don't think I will find a way to live forever, I think it's best to work on the acceptance thing. I think the discourse around Michael Jackson's death was flimsy although I enjoyed dancing to his music quite a bit this week. However, the tributes to Philadelphia Weekly writer Steven Wells got me crying while reading on the R5. 

Everybody Needs a Job I recently hired a friend to help me with cleaning and writing tasks and have a running list of 5 friends looking for work. I would start an employment service, but unfortunately I don't have any decent job leads at the moment. According to the news, the employment rate will likely rise to 10%. Every day, I am grateful that I am employed. 

Like Mark Sanford, I Got Something on the Side This week I started my own blog, but that didn't mean that I stopped blogging here at One Find Philly. Although I haven't quite sorted out my identity yet. I think my private blog, Planet Caroline,will be more personal and less about parties and Philly events. I think the blog will evolve over time, but I don't plan on letting it distract me from this blog. I love writing on a group blog and appreciate the collaboration with some awesome people (some of whom I've met and some I haven't).

I'm going to cut this blog piece short. I have a day off today and it's time for my nap.

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