Monday, July 13, 2009

Get to New Jersey Slowly

Just heard that tomorrow (Tuesday) morning there will be a 5 mile fun across the Ben Franklin Bridge. The run is sponsored by Fusion Cross Training as part of the 10 week boot camp, which is being followed by NBC10. This 10 week exercise extravaganza is a fitness contest So this isn't simply a private group exercise training-- there might be some glamor with your blood, sweat and tears.

One contestant, HughE Dillon is a popular photographer and blogger in Philly. You can follow his story on his blog- Philly Chit Chat.

Therefore, this is a media event with a helicopter overhead. Don't know anything else because nothing on their website. But @FusionPhilly on Twitter is tweeting about it.

The details are spare: Meet at 7 am in front of Independence Hall.

This is one event I guarantee you won't be seeing me at. But if you go, let me know how it went.

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