Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey, you guys!

I was never a crazy fanatic of The Goonies movie. In fact, besides half-watching it at a slumber party in elementary school, I don't think I saw it all the way through until I was in college. Then, I moved to Portland, Oregon where people referred to Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach as "the Goonies rock." I had to rewatch the movie to see it (the movie supposedly takes place in Astoria, a good 40 minute drive north of Cannon Beach), and I realized it was indeed a really good flick.

Anyway, I was excited to see they are playing the movie for free on the Schuylkill Banks tonight at 8:15 pm. I love outdoor movies. Especially when they're free. If it doesn't rain, you may see me there.

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