Saturday, July 18, 2009


When my sister or I would change our minds as kids or simply be wrong about something, we would always be quick to jump with the "Liar!" accusation. This displeased our mother greatly and she would often say, "She's not a liar. She's just mistaken."

So, yesterday when I promised that my next post would not be about West Philly, I was not lying. I was just mistaken.

Although I haven't yet been to The Gold Standard, I spied the empty space and "For Rent" sign at 4800 Baltimore Ave for months imagining my own coffee shop and writing center within the walls. Now, the people from the now closed Abbraccio Restaurant have opened a cafe/restaurant in the space and their Grand Opening is the weekend.

Notes from their newsletter:
Saturday at Noon, Adimu Kuumba, African percussion ** this is the best time for KIDS! Adimu really enjoys having kids help him play on his different drums and flutes, and we'll have free cookies and ice cream for kids of all ages.***

Saturday at 5pm, West Philadelphia Orchestra
Sunday at Noon, Loren Gildar, guitar-vocal
Sunday at 5pm, Chris Aschman, jazz trumpet

What Gives? Is it a Casual Café? or Fine Restaurant? YES!
Monday-Tuesday 7am-7pm | Wednesday-Friday 7am-9pm | Saturday-Sunday 8am-9pm
Restaurant, Dinner:
Wednesday-Sunday 5-9pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am-2pm

Did you Know?
The Café (Counter-Service) in the Front Room:
Every day our full-service kitchen prepares:
15 Different Sandwiches, 5 Different Egg/Tofu Dishes,10 Different Salads, A Daily Quiche, 2 Different Soups
Great Desserts, Cupcakes, Brownies, more! Ice Cream! Gelato!

The Restaurant (Waiter Service BYOB) seating in the back Red Room.
We prepare seasonally changing Dinner + Brunch menus; you can order anything on the Café menu also!
The Red Room is available for Private Parties Mon-Tues nights and weekdays.

I'm curious to check it out. Has anyone been there yet?

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