Tuesday, March 10, 2009



While formerly thought to be extinct, last week brought a rare flourish of the fabled “Middle Aged Woman” to Center City Philadelphia. A true sign of spring , there is no doubt, that it was the annual Philly Flower show that brought about the phenomena.

Locals poured out onto the sidewalks to catch a glimpse of the beautiful site. Women, 40-50 in age, usually traveling in threes or more, carrying large bundles of brown paper wrapped flowers, filled the streets of Chinatown. Many travelled into Reading Terminal Market and clogged up the aisles, buying cheese and charcuterie from famed Salumeria. While others were spotted eating Chinese Food !

I hear stories that these lovely creatures once filled the streets of Center City, carrying Starbucks coffees and Banana Republic shopping bags. But a mysterious ailment sent them fleeing to the suburbs. I suspect it has something to do with the tag around their fourth finger, and the minivans they used to haul their loads out of town.

Consider yourself lucky if you were able to get out this last week and witness this creature in its natural habitat. I observed their fearlessness, their laughter, their comfortable shoes and fanny packs from behind the provided shrubbery within the Convention Center. Like Cherry Blossoms, you wait a whole year to see them and then they are gone within a week. But oh, what a lovely week!

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  1. Ah, there but for the grace of God and my sweet urban apartment go I!


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