Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well, I did vote for change ...

For my first post, a few thoughts:

1. Just got my PA license back, after years in a suburban hamlet in NJ. Yay, me!
2. Newly single, I find myself navigating the strange waters of self-sufficiency, and loving it. Everything is possible.
3. I am months away from a Ph.D. in English Literature. So what does one do in my position, with a new apartment I need to pay for, a childcare schedule that does not allow me to work 8-5, and no real income prospects until I finish the degree? One CLEANS!!! I've decided to clean people's homes for money. Promises to be a situation ripe with blog fodder, wouldn't you say? Wish me luck.
4. If you have a chance, go see Theatre Exile's Blackbird. I'm going for the second time tonight. It's gritty.

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