Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day!


Most of Philly woke up to a snow day today. What a wonderful excuse to light a fire in the fireplace, snuggle up under a recently marked down Anthro throw, read the latest Domino magazine that has been decorating my table for the last two weeks, and obsess about my apartment's inadequacies.

It's inevitable that too much time spent alone in my apartment results in a major purchase or project. Behold, The Great Textile Adventure.

The internal conversation went something like this.

“Look at that wall, it looks horrid.”
“It looks fine.”
“The color doesn’t blend. You must fix it.”
“It’s fine.”
“The entire apartment looks unfinished and overly youthful. I need, I need, I want… My whole life will be complete if I can just fix this one wall.”
“I’ll let you spend $15.00”

Here is the before:


A trip to Spool for fabric, a few bucks to the lady behind the counter to do the sewing, and I practically have a new living room.

Here is the after:


$15 goes a long way in Philly!


  1. I believe this blog post would mark the end of your blue period?

  2. I love Spool! And Loop ... I'm feeling inspired to get some bright yarn now. Also: I love the squid/octopus print there. They have a cool button-down shirt made of it in the window now. Adorable.


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