Monday, April 12, 2010

Winter is over, spring is here ...

It would seem that with Winter, came Commitments -- of the sort that prevent one from sitting in front of a computer and reflecting. Pop Culture Casualty had a baby, for heaven's sake! And the rest of us ... well, one thing or another. I know for myself, though, I've found myself wanting to return to OFP and muse, and ask questions, and make random assertions about the things going on in my life. So, welcome back, dear readers! Are any of you left?

This has been a VERY busy season for me. After spending the past decade either completely immersed in academia, or mostly immersed in child-rearing and attempting to be immersed in academia, my new work life (marketing and devo for a theatre company) is a sea change. As is, of course, living on my own, having been in my previous relationship for 13 years. I feel like I'm becoming an adult, finally, at 37.

To speed this process, I appear to be buying a house. All on my own, on my I-made-more-my-first-year-out-of-college salary. It's not the house of my dreams, and it's not in a sweet neighborhood, and I won't even have the money to do a budget makeover, at least for a while. (Avocado range and late 80s-era fridge, anyone?) However, it's six blocks away from my office, 2 1/2 blocks away from the Broad Street line, and a world away from me having to depend on anyone but myself.

Closing date is Thursday, April 15th, if all goes well. I have to be out of my apartment by June 1st, giving me a month and a half to do some work on the place before I move in. If I'm lucky, and my friends are generous (which they are), I should at least have everything fixed that needs to be. And after we move in, I'm thinking of sharing the place with a new friend:

If this cutie isn't still at the shelter, I'll see about one of her fellow orphans. I may be a grown-up, but I like sloppy dog kisses just as much as my six-year-old.


  1. I was so excited to see your post. Now and again, I've considered posting something new in this space. It's a good question, are there any dear readers left? Well, I guess we've got each other.

  2. I am here, too! Let's get those readers back. Spring has SPRUNG !

  3. Where is a thirty day blogging challenge when we need one? :)

  4. How about a May blogging challenge, ladies? I'm going to start posting as regularly as I can, as my personal training. :) I'll post house photos soon!


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