Thursday, April 9, 2009

Frog and Toad in the City

Once upon a Sunday noon, a fabulous boy and his fabulous mama went to see a play. Not just any play, but A Year with Frog and Toad, now playing at the Arden, and running through April 19. The boy was filled with youthful anticipation, and skipped the whole way down to 2nd Street. The mama felt a bit like skipping too. As I am the mama of this boy, I was lucky enough to interview the young patron of the arts following the performance; here is his expert assessment of the afternoon.

Mama: What were your favorite parts? I noticed you dancing in your seat quite a lot.

Fabulous Boy: I liked it when Frog tried to wake up Toad, and Toad said, “Blegh!!!!” Also do you remember when Toad took his shoe and went like this [here our reviewer gestures wildly] and smashed his clock? That was hilarious! [Yes, my five-year-old says hilarious.] The best favoritest part was when Frog threw a snowball at Toad and Toad looked like [FB gives arch, comical expression], and when Toad went the wrong way on his sled and got really frightened and cold.

M: It sounds like you really enjoyed it!

FB: It was okay.

M: Were there any parts you didn’t like?

FB: Frog and Toad didn’t look like a frog or a toad. [I’ve interviewed several other young reviewers, and they all shared this critique. Not even green face paint! Nor a head-dress of any sort!] But the actors were neat, and the set was pretty neat. I liked the spinning houses.

M: Did any musical numbers stand out for you?

FB: The “Cookies” song was exciting. Cookies cookies cookies cookies we are eating cookies …

[Here our reviewer gets a bit distracted remembering his enjoyment of said musical number. We resumed after a minute or two of singing, and several loud requests for cookies.]

M: That was fun. I wonder if there’s a soundtrack available?

FB: What’s a sound trat?

M: Any other comments you’d like to share?

FB: The kite flying part was not so exciting. I could see the string holding the kite up.

M: Yes, me too. Who do you think should go see this show?

FB: I recommend it for people ages 2, 3, 4, 5, and 23, and for mommies and daddies. And also for people who never saw a frog.


  1. Très charmant, this little FB!!

  2. huzzah for theatre reviews interrupted by cookie breaks.

  3. "I could see the string holding the kite up."
    Sheesh! Already, he's critical of the special effects.
    I'll bet my five year old would complain about the lack of amphibian makeup too.

  4. I love: "people ages 2, 3, 4, 5, and 23, and for mommies and daddies. And also for people who never saw a frog."


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