Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day -- Blogging The Month

Today, I
  • saw my ex-in-laws for the first time since I left my ex, at my son's birthday party, and everyone was very kind.
  • reunited with an old friend, after some angry or imprudent words many months ago had caused a rift.
  • showed my solidly suburban parents my new South Philly home, without anyone having a panic attack.
  • celebrated my glorious son's 6th birthday, with a bunch of his friends, a bunch of friends of mine and his father's, and a cake I baked for him.
It's been a good day. Also a very full one, so I think it's okay (I give myself a pass) that I didn't get my first May Blogging Challenge blog entry in until after midnight. Tomorrow: I'll try for photos, I promise!

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