Friday, September 11, 2009

Major Metro area without a library?????

I don't exactly know what to say about this, except that it took Facebook for me to be aware of this. I guess I should read more newspapers, in all my spare time.

I've been aware of the threatened cuts to arts funding. I've written my representatives, I've posted messages to friends. But this goes way beyond anything I could have imagined: the home of Ben Franklin without a public library.

No after school programs. No support for the public schools when kids need library access. No senior programs. No free public computer/internet access. No free BOOKS.

What do you think might happen in a city without library services? I guarantee, it will not be good.

So call your representatives. Write to them. Post on your blogs and facebook and twitter. I shudder to think what might happen if the Free Library of Philadelphia closes its doors.

Thank you, and good night.


  1. I'm glad you posted that carrel dweller - I've been screaming about this on Facebook/Twitter - didn't think of posting here. Since I work in social services I have been aware of this for a while. Basically, Philadelphia is bankrupt. Anybody who gets state money is getting none of that. There is no PA money for nothing - housing, day care, foster care (yeah foster parents aren't getting paid), AIDS services, senior centers, health centers... The sad part is many services for lower income people & children have already shut down. And when the state money comes back, these services won't come back. The reason my AIDS agency hasn't shut down from serving 3,000 people with AIDS is that it has emergency funds and is borrowing money. (plus federal money) So we now have to pay interest because Harrisburg Republicans hate Philadelphia.

    The situation is so very bad...when I say that people are dying because of this I'm not kidding. If people want to help, I say if you put pressure on State Senator Pileggi from Delco... and also talk to your local reps.

  2. Here is a Q & A from the Inquirer explaining why the libraries are shutting down. It has to do with the enactment of the Doomsday Budget which goes in effect Oct. 2.


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